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    Hello, I'm Gen,

    I am a Leeds-based certified healer in the Emotion Code, the Body Code and PSYCH-K®.


    I am so pleased that you have decided to learn more about how you can heal your life today.


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  • Case Studies offer

    Is the pandemic making you feel fearful and anxious? For yourself and for your loved-ones?

    Do you have symptoms like brain fog, shortness of breath, fever, body aches and pains, or feeling as ‘weak as a kitten?’

    Please let me help you reduce your symptoms with an Emotion Code and Body Code treatment!


    How it works

    • For £140.00 you’ll get four face-to-face healing sessions done via video call. (£35 per session).
    • After each session, you'll observe and note your reactions, the shifts, feelings, thoughts and changes to symptoms you’re experiencing.
    • Before our next session, you'll email me an overview of your reactions and observations to date.
    • After your fourth and last session, once you’ve processed, you'll answer a questionnaire as a final overview.

    Let's start with a free 30-minute discovery call.


    Contact me at gen@genedwards.com – or click the link below to book your first session now!




    This amazing offer is limited to one per person.


    *The usual fee would be £50 per session / £200 for four but I'm called to reduce both fear and physical symptoms among us during the pandemic.*

  • How can I help you?

    I'm a Heart-mender for broken hearts


    I am a registered practitioner certified in the Emotion Code, the Body Code and PSYCH-K® via Zoom or other video-call software (WhatsApp, Messenger, Skype) to facilitate energy healing. For your convenience I also heal in-person at my premises outside of the Corona virus pandemic.


    I help people who feel their hearts are sore and broken - for whatever reasons.


    My specialty is in helping you to remove those negative energies that may impact your heart, and that might literally 'break' it by separating your spirit heart from your physical heart.


    If you have experienced any of these:

    • Getting divorced
    • Being cheated-on by a loved one
    • Having a family member die - spouse, parent, sibling, child
    • Feelings of rejection - having been an orphan, or having been adopted, or just having felt "not good enough"
    • Grief when a beloved pet dies
    Allow me help you to re-balance and restore your energies; let me help you to feel better.


    In addition, I can help you to release negative memories and emotions that well up when you think about experiences like: having been retrenched

    • Forced retirement
    • An experience as a refugee 
    • been in a racist/xenophobic/terrorist attack 
    • Stress and anxiety from serving in the army
    • Victim of a crime such as a rape etc
    • Addiction ... and so much more.


    Read testimonials and see other clients have to say about their healing experience.


    All testimonials come as direct quotes or screenshots and are sent to me by my clients as they report on how their healing sessions have helped them.

  • Your Healing Options



    What do others have to say?



    I had a sore right eye which was really bothering me. It felt like something was stuck on my eye and was scratching it.


    Gen offered to do an Emotion Code session to give me some relief.

    I hadn’t mentioned the emotional pain, so Gen didn’t know how I was feeling in this regard. And I really wasn’t expecting that to clear, as I thought it was all about the eye!

    As soon as she started the distance healing my emotional pain went from a sharp pang in my chest and a pounding heart to CALM. I went from a 10+ on the scale to a complete 0.


    I was in awe.


    As a follow-up on my eye – that went from a 10 when I went to bed to about a 2/3 the following morning. I could feel that it was healing. I also used an ointment because the discomfort was great when I slept. I know the ointment, together with Gen’s work, gave me great relief because I had been doing the ointment on its own without much relief.


    The following morning I woke up and continued to feel on-going healing. I was shocked at how calm I was around the emotional thing that happened. I still had no pounding heart. I still didn’t feeling like sobbing. I still wasn’t obsessing over what ‘they’ were feeling or saying about me.

    OMG – freedom!


    Thank you so much Gen! Your work is phenomenal.


    Tepsii | Soulful Copywriting + Business + Mindset Teacher | Tepsii.com




    Gen has helped me with my emotional recovery, and it is amazing how much more aware I am of how I feel. The Emotion Code sessions have enabled me to process trauma and help me to recognise my true self. I have less depression, and I can see a way forward and I actually have a future. I intend to continue receiving Heart Wall sessions, because they help me, each session I am more free, I have had to give it time and not expect a quick fix. Moreover, I have spent over fifty years walking around with trauma, so I expect it to take a little longer than a few months to clear childhood PTSD, abuse and neglect.


    I am an experienced holistic healer myself and I highly recommend anyone struggling with deep seated issues to try the Emotion and Body Codes with Gen.


    Lots of love and thank you to Gen.


    Nicky | Huddersfield



    I went to the chiropractor because my neck was very bad. The first session was great – the second session he used a pulley-type affair to relieve the stress on the neck and that has done some damage to my lower back – an old injury. I was in quite a bit of pain after he used this pulley. Yesterday’s session wasn’t good as I told him he couldn’t use the pulley again. He wasn’t happy about that and at the end of my appointment when the receptionist asked him if she should make another appointment for me, he replied: “No, I’m done and Heather doesn’t need to come back.”

    What to do, what to do??


    Gen did a distance session with me after I sent her the message, above. As she was working I noticed that I could feel ‘something’ in my lower back. My neck was still tender but not as sore as it was earlier in the morning. The following morning I sent her this message: “Good morning, I am feeling great this morning thanks to you.”


    Heather Rae | Johannesburg



    Dear Gen,

    Thank you so much for the healing that you have conducted. I feel so much better within myself. The following may take me a while to articulate and I may have to leave my writing and come back to it, however, I will try to tell you my story.


    I remember so clearly the first time I was sexually abused. I was such a little girl, so happy with the world around me. It came crashing down quite suddenly and quite horrifically. My aunt and uncle were baby-sitting my older sister and I whilst they went out. I adored my aunt and I remember how happy I was to be going to her house. She had the most beautiful budgie and could not wait to see. I ran into their house, her first born was just a baby. I remember standing in their lounge and watching this little baby gurgle and wriggle. I remember being so enthralled as this was a baby boy and all the children born into our family to that point had been girls. He knelt down besides me and his fingers went straight to my vagina. My world crashed, my thoughts were all over the place. I froze. I could not move from where I was standing. The feeling of being alone was so overwhelming. In my frozen state I was wishing for my aunt to walk in and catch him so he would stop, but she did not! I was terrified, I was mortified, I was deeply hurt, I was horrified but the worst part of all is that this was my fault. I just stood there, I knew this was wrong, I knew this was not what people did but I could not stop it and I could not move. I died that day. I remember that very clearly. I am not worth anything! I am not decent enough to live. I died! It was then over and I remember him saying “don’t tell anyone it’s our secret.” I ran out of the room and attached myself to my aunt until my parents came to fetch us. I was just a little girl.

    Over a period of time I was abused whenever my aunt and him were around. He was a bus driver and would often stop at our house for a break. In those breaks, he got his kicks by sexually abusing me. I could not get away from him! I tried, hiding and running didn’t help. I got to the point that this was my lot in life. I was not worthy and good things don’t happen for me. I was just a little girl.


    I would never dream of telling my parents, you see, my mum was not the most maternal of mothers and whenever I tried telling her about things that bothered me I would always get the response that I was stupid. I did not trust my mum enough to go to her. I didn’t think she loved me anyway. I questioned that a lot throughout my life. I was just a little girl.


    The last time I was sexually abused I was at the beach with the whole family and he took me into the see and made me wank him off where nobody could see. This was my most horrifying moment and my most mortifying as I somehow at that point realized it was my fault. I had allowed it. At that point I made myself look ugly, I ate enough for 3 people and although I had loads of exercise I fast picked up weight. I made sure after this time that I would do anything I could just to make sure I was never alone with him. I was just a little girl.


    I ran from myself, I closed off any emotion except anger and rebellion. I would get into so much trouble growing up doing naughty things. I remember a priest coming to our house to talk to me about my behavior. I could not trust him in fact no man I would trust again. I was just a little girl.


    As I grew up and continually squashed these memories further down they were always on the edge of my mind, there were times these memories were on the tip of my tongue. I was hurt and mortified and horrified. I promised myself that if I ever had children I would go out of my way to make sure that no one person would destroy their lives the way he did mine.


    And then he died and I remember being so elated. I remember wanting to celebrate, but not being able to as it would mean telling the people I loved why I was celebrating. Whilst the memories were always there. Every single day I woke up it would be in my head, everyday I hated more, everyday I built my wall. I so wanted to tell someone. I didn’t. I was still just a little girl blaming myself.


    And there it was a report from your healing I was faced with the horrifying news that someone else knew! I sobbed uncontrollably and then had to face my husband, who I knew loved me so much, but it would hurt him. He read the report, I wondered if he would hate me as much as I hated me, he didn’t. He loved me just the same.


    As I write this I know that I am stronger, I know that whilst I am still mortified and horrified and hurt that another human being could be so evil, I feel no hatred towards myself for it. I feel my horror is not directed at me any longer. Its almost as if I am watching a movie and seeing clearly how a little girl was hurt, empathizing with that little girl but being divorced from that little girl for that time. Reflecting back and knowing how those years had informed my whole life with my husband, my relationships with people and my children I know that I have a chance to reach out and change some of the things that I have done and some of the walls I have built. I have had no anxiety attacks since last November. I have had no panic attacks since last November. I have struggled with a dread feeling for so long that I think I miss it as it has not been with me since last November. My dread was part of who I was it is NOT who I now am.


    If it had not been for my Bell’s palsy I would never have gone for healing. Thank heavens for Bell’s palsy. It forced me into healing. I cannot be more grateful to you Gen. You are the kindest, most gentle, most compassionate and most loving person that I have had the honor of knowing. Without your healing I would still be walking my path of self destruction. Someone said last week that I seem different it’s almost as if I am happy in myself. Yes I sure am. I am still a little girl who is becoming a big girl.


    With my love to you Gen


    BB | Leeds


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