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  • Did you hear me on the radio?

    You may have caught me in several radio interviews and videos.

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    Bells Palsy and PTSD

    How Bells Palsy and PTSD responded to healing with the Body Code​

    Is it possible, to remotely, from another country, reach out with energy healing and help someone get relief from Bells Palsy?


    Get the behind-the-scenes info in how this really was possible, by seeing how Bells Palsy and PTSD may be energetically linked – how one supported the other in my client; and how it was all rooted in and underpinned by childhood traumas.



    Addressing back pain with the Body Code

    Back Pain?

    Discover what happened after a client told me about her chronic back pain that she had suffered from for seven years.


    Find out the amazing, behind-the-scenes information around what happened in her session; and continues to happen even now – and how we freed generations of her bloodline from inherited emotional baggage.


    Mini-taster Healing Circle sessions done FREE on Facebook

    Fancy a Mini-taster energy-healing session?

    Intrigued by the possibilities of affordable, ongoing, weekly group healings? Even more intrigued by getting taster sessions of these for free? Sounds too good to be true?


    Find out how I draw an analogy of ‘being a hosepipe’ to bring the healing to you, no matter where in the world our relative geographic positions are.


    Watch the video and find out more!

    Here’s the link to join the group for the free mini-Healing sessions:


    Join our Facebook Group by CLICKING HERE


    Bariatric surgery and the Body Code

    How can using Energy Healing help?

    How can energy healing using the Emotion and Body Codes possibly support someone who has undergone serious surgery?


    Well – watch me talk about exactly that – I had a client who had dreadful after-effects from bariatric surgery, which were making her miserable and socially embarrassed! Discover the truth about how energy healing works – and the difference it can make - in my behind-the-scenes stories!

    Chesty, rattly ex-smoker's cough

    Do you still suffer?

    Chesty, rattly ex-smoker’s cough – I bet you never thought you could get rid of something like this using Emotion Code energy healing? Well you can, and I did – watch and listen to find out what Trapped Emotions were living in her lungs and hear what she had to say about her cough when all the healing was done.

    OCD - Trichotillomania​

    What is it?

    Find out what is it, and how can we help to release this and other kinds of OCD behaviours?


    Find out more by listening to me talk about this, explaining a client case study using the Emotion and Body Code energy healing methodologies! I explain what I released with the client and what the end result was, according to feedback quoted direct from the client himself.

    Interview with David Finch Life and Soul Radio


    Have you ever wondered where certain infections come from? Have you ever considered that they could actually be fuelled by Trapped Emotions? This was the topic for discussion on my recent interview with David Finch on Life and Soul Radio: https://lifeandsoulradio.co.uk/

    Interview with Inspire Radio

    Trapped Emotions?

    Listen to my interview with Steve Twynham on Inspire Radio – and find out why people can yawn, burp or fall asleep during a healing session! Discover how Trapped Emotions – such as Humiliation, Shame, Shock, and many others can result in lower back pain – and how our emotions impact so powerfully on the functioning and wellness of our stomachs and digestive systems! Intrigued? Then please listen in, you can find the interview here on my website, or as a podcast on https://www.inspireradio.co.uk/

  • Coronavirus Offer

    Our limited-time offer

    • Is the pandemic making you feel fearful and anxious? For yourself and for your loved-ones?
    • Do you have symptoms like brain fog, shortness of breath, fever, body aches and pains, or feeling as ‘weak as a kitten?’
    • Do you have Post-Covid Syndrome such as recent liver issues, new allergic reactions, shortness of breath?

    Please let me help you reduce your symptoms with an Emotion Code and Body Code treatment!




    How it works


    For *£47.00 you (or your loved-one) will get an hour's healing session aimed at reducing all Coronavirus symptoms you are experiencing - whether or not you've been tested for the virus, whether you think you're leading-up to Covid, or are post-Covid.


    Let's start with a free 30-minute discovery call.



    Contact me now by CLICKING HERE – or click BOOK NOW to book your first session!



    NB. This amazing offer is limited to people specifically experiencing what they believe to be symptoms of Coronavirus; OR people suffering from Post-Covid Syndrome.



    *The usual fee would be £50 per session but I'm called to reduce both fear and physical symptoms among us during the pandemic.*

  • How can I help you?

    I'm a Heart-mender for broken hearts


    I am a registered practitioner certified in the Emotion Code, the Body Code and PSYCH-K® via Zoom or other video-call software (WhatsApp, Messenger, Skype) to facilitate energy healing. For your convenience I also heal in-person at my premises outside of the Corona virus pandemic.


    I help people who feel their hearts are sore and broken - for whatever reasons.


    My specialty is in helping you to remove those negative energies that may impact your heart, and that might literally 'break' it by separating your spirit heart from your physical heart.


    If you have experienced any of these:

    • Getting divorced
    • Being cheated-on by a loved one
    • Having a family member die - spouse, parent, sibling, child
    • Feelings of rejection - having been an orphan, or having been adopted, or just having felt "not good enough"
    • Grief when a beloved pet dies
    Allow me help you to re-balance and restore your energies; let me help you to feel better.


    In addition, I can help you to release negative memories and emotions that well up when you think about experiences like: having been retrenched

    • Forced retirement
    • An experience as a refugee 
    • been in a racist/xenophobic/terrorist attack 
    • Stress and anxiety from serving in the army
    • Victim of a crime such as a rape etc
    • Addiction ... and so much more.


    Read *testimonials and see other clients have to say about their healing experience.


    *All testimonials come as direct quotes or screenshots and are sent to me by my clients as they report on how their healing sessions have helped them.*

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  • What do others have to say?

    *All testimonials come as direct email excerpts or screenshots and are sent to me by my clients as they report on how their healing sessions have helped them.*


    I would highly recommend Gen, I felt significantly different after our session than I did before it. She explained everything and was very supportive in helping me release and unblock some of my energies. I am so grateful for the time she took to see me and she has most certainly helped. My journey forward will now be much lighter in load xxx


    Clare Froggatt | Sheffield





    I approached Gen for healing following a prolonged period of anxiety and emotional difficulty caused by a significant negative event.


    She was understanding and uninvasive, dealing with my treatment in a genuine and compassionate manner.


    Although I had intended the treatment to assist in releasing and resolving emotional issues I found that physical benefits came alongside.


    I had suffered bloating, digestive discomfort and weight gain which my GP was unable to explain or resolve, as blood tests for allergies and thyroid abnormalities had come back negative.


    Following treatment with Gen and following her additional advice, these issues resolved themselves. I no longer suffer with my digestion and have lost 3kg in weight without a change to my diet.


    I had a large ganglion on my hand for around two years after injury which has healed to a point where it is no longer noticeable. Although no direct treatment was given as I never mentioned this to Gen, I can only conclude that my body is now able to heal itself more effectively due to realignment of my system to a healthy state.


    My emotional wellbeing has improved greatly, I have recovered the positive outlook I used to enjoy daily. I feel energetic and content enjoying the confidence to move forward unburdened.


    Hilary F | Leeds





    Just wanted to tell you a little about my chesty cough that I had most of last year that rattled its way well into 2020. As an asthmatic ex heavy smoker, I realise my chest will never be up to mountain climbing or deep sea diving. In the last 6 months I have had a chest X-ray which didn’t show anything significant. But on and on the coughing and rattling continued (emphysema is in our family history I was worried). I’ve been on antibiotics this year and Prednisolone (sp). But they didn’t make even a slight difference. Emphysema is in our family history I was worried, but doctors told me there was no evidence of that in my lungs. Anyway I began the Emotion and Body Code healing with you in April and can honestly say my chest is completely different. The rattle has disappeared and the paroxysms of coughing, that actually left me exhausted, have gone. I believe this has come about as a result of our weekly sessions. Bless you Gen, long may you continue with the healing consultations, you’re going from strength to strength. xx


    MJ | Southampton





    I wasn't sure what to expect and admit I was a bit sceptical but Gen has such lovely energy and I trusted her so I decided to give it a go specifically to clear some ongoing communication challenges I was having.


    It has been such a delightful experience both in the sense that issues really do seem to have been relieved while Gen worked on me (over three sessions). There are things Gen describes that she couldn't know and yet there she was channelling them! So, if you're sceptical or on the fence this is me saying "do it"..."Do It with Gen!"


    Natalie Shell | Coach - Speaker – Author | Host, CreativeMorningsTLV | www.natalieshell.com





    I would highly recommend Gen, she is a lovely warm person and is extremely good at her job! She is able to drill down as to why you are struggling with certain situations/pain/discomfort/phobias. I had been plagued with feeling down, anxious without being able to work out why. I also struggled with nightmares and broken sleep. Nightmares where I was always lost, being chased, attacked etc. After the first session with Gen she discovered a lot of emotional baggage from my very traumatic childhood that was still impacting my day to day life. A few nights later I had a dream where I was able to run away from and defend myself successfully from an assailant! What a turn around, thanks to Gen.


    Eileen Thomson | UK


  • Emotion and Body Code Energy Healing Blogs

    Thoughts, musings, and ruminations taken from healing case studies

    April 14, 2021 · Body Code,Incontinence,Healing using Energy,Remote Healing,Emotion Body Code
    Hi again from your friendly energy healer! This week I’m looking at bladder incontinence. I’ve been lucky enough to work with lots of incontinence issues – in children (bed-wetting) and in adults, and it’s such a wonderful issue to work with because it seems to be – with what I know so far – so...
    Hi again from your friendly energy healer!   I follow an amazing Money Mindset coach called Medha Murtagh – and when her blog landed in my inbox earlier this week I was so excited to read it – because here she is, talking about what happens before people come to me to be healed – when we’re...
    February 26, 2021 · Digestive Issues,Healing Digestion,Remote Healing,Healing constipation,Body Code
    Hi again from your friendly energy healer! In this issue, I’m looking at a mini-healing used to help digestive issues. I worked remotely with a client in New Zealand, offering one session of releasing three Trapped Emotions to see how much of her digestive issues we could shift. We did it...
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