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    with the help of remote, online, intuitive energy healing.

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    Hello, I'm Gen,

    I am a Leeds-based certified healer in the Emotion Code, the Body Code and PSYCH-K®.


    I am so pleased that you have decided to learn more about how you can heal your life today.


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  • How can I help you?

    I'm a Heart-mender for broken hearts


    I am a registered practitioner certified in the Emotion Code, the Body Code and PSYCH-K® via Zoom or other video-call software (WhatsApp, Messenger, Skype) to facilitate energy healing. For your convenience I also heal in-person at my premises outside of the Corona virus pandemic.


    I help people who feel their hearts are sore and broken - for whatever reasons.


    My specialty is in helping you to remove those negative energies that may impact your heart, and that might literally 'break' it by separating your spirit heart from your physical heart.


    If you have experienced any of these:

    • Getting divorced
    • Being cheated-on by a loved one
    • Having a family member die - spouse, parent, sibling, child
    • Feelings of rejection - having been an orphan, or having been adopted, or just having felt "not good enough"
    • Grief when a beloved pet dies
    Allow me help you to re-balance and restore your energies; let me help you to feel better.


    In addition, I can help you to release negative memories and emotions that well up when you think about experiences like: having been retrenched

    • Forced retirement
    • An experience as a refugee 
    • been in a racist/xenophobic/terrorist attack 
    • Stress and anxiety from serving in the army
    • Victim of a crime such as a rape etc
    • Addiction ... and so much more.


    Read testimonials and see other clients have to say about their healing experience.


    All testimonials come as direct quotes or screenshots and are sent to me by my clients as they report on how their healing sessions have helped them.

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    What do others have to say?



    Genevieve Edwards is a gifted healing facilitator who has managed to resolve within weeks issues that I had been carrying for many years.

    Her compassionate approach is matched by her careful application of her skills, which have combined to help me with negative emotional states manifesting as physical symptoms. From my pessimism to my frustration and depression, Genevieve has reached back in time and deleted files from my cellular memory, helping me to feel free and capable in the present, ready to deal with the next challenges Life is handing out!

    Thank you, Gen!


    Shannon Walbran | Spiritual mentor | www.ShannonWalbran.com



    I harbored an enormous amount of resentment towards a woman who ripped me off in business and I would be upset for days when I thought about her. Gen cleared a lot of trapped emotions and I was very surprised the next week, when I bumped into a contractor who mentioned her - I had no response and was able to talk about her very neutrally and shrugged it off without any nasty aftertaste!

    I am very grateful to Gen for helping me become more emotionally stable. I used to be embarrassingly emotional at funerals and people would look very disapproving. Recently I went to a memorial for a friend of 33 years and was really proud that despite a few tears I was very composed.


    Kate Spiller | Coach, Facilitator, Consultant



    I used to get very stressed and anxious when dealing with groups at work. I find that the removal of a number of heart walls and dysfunctional chords has helped me maintain my equanimity in situations - even when I find myself under attack. I have really made amazing progress thanks to Gen's treatments.

    After my third Emotion Code session I found that I was falling asleep more easily and waking up refreshed rather than having to drag myself out of bed in the morning. I'm feeling way better.

    You really have helped me a lot. Thank you!


    Colleen Molefe | Adult Learning Facilitator, Johannesburg



    One of the first things that happened was my dreams went from always feeling I'm lost, have lost something/someone, being chased/hunted down. These dreams have plagued me my whole life and I guess I had just accepted that they were a part of my life 🙁. This is far from ideal when you go to bed to rest and recuperate, sometimes I would dread having more horrific dreams. After the first session with Gen, I actually chased off someone who was threatening me... WOW! So empowering and I woke with a feeling that I am no longer the chased/lost/hunted, this is a very welcome feeling indeed. Equally, I have found that my health is beginning to take a turn for the better, those aches/pains seem to be subsiding and I am beginning to put myself first for a change.


    Thank you so much Gen! The work that you do is totally unique and invaluable!


    Eileen | United Kingdom | 2019


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    Meanwood, Leeds, United Kingdom
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