Gen Edwards

Heal your pain and move forward with your life, with the help of remote, online, intuitive energy healing.

Hello, I'm Gen,


I am a Leeds-based certified healer in the Emotion Code, the Body Code and PSYCH-K®.

I am so pleased that you have decided to learn more about how you can heal your life today.

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How can I help you?

I’m a Heart-mender for broken hearts

I am a registered practitioner certified in the Emotion Code, the Body Code and PSYCH-K® I use Zoom or email to facilitate energy healing. For your convenience, I also heal in-person at my premises outside of the Corona virus pandemic.

I help people who feel their hearts are sore and broken – for whatever reasons.

My specialty is in helping you to remove those negative energies that may impact your heart, and that might literally ‘break’ it by separating your spirit heart from your physical heart.

If you have experienced any of these:


Allow me to help you to re-balance and restore your energies; let me help you to feel better with my Healing Options 

You don’t have to go through your life struggles alone. Reach out today.

Please send me an email with any questions and I’ll get back to you. I offer a free discovery phone call which we can schedule so that you can ask me any questions you might have!

Currently all sessions are done via Zoom, telephone call, or remotely via email.

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