A day in the life of an intuitive energy healer using The Body Code


I wondered if you might be interested in a peek behind the scenes, as I work with you for your Highest Good and best possible outcome. Sometimes people ask me, “How does it feel for you?” And the answer is – I really don’t know, there’s not a lot I can put my finger on.


Hi again from your friendly energy healer!

I was sitting here, in my little office, overlooking the world outside, and thinking about this the other day. The truth is, there’s not a huge amount I know for sure, when it comes to working with energy. I believe that effectively I channel it – in other words, I am a vessel or conduit for energy to flow through me, on its way to you, to help you with whatever you have asked for help with. The reason I think this is that often, when I’ve set the intention to help a client, and asked for help, I feel a burning in the crown of my head. I think this is my Crown Chakra opening, to let the energy come in (and out too – to you). And sometimes, when something is really ‘stuck’ in you, and has deep roots and resistance to being released, my legs get all prickly – like pins and needles under my skin. And when that happens, I keep on releasing until the feeling goes away, because I believe I’m being told, “Keep on going, until you can’t feel me anymore.” I might also yawn a lot – so that’s not because I’m tired, or bored, it’s because the energy running through me is pulling on my personal energy field and affecting it.

There’s no massive epiphany moment – in fact I sit in a bit of a daze, and somehow I just ‘know’ what it is you want me to take from you, in the form of negative energy that no longer serves you and is supporting or enabling your issue that you came to me for help with.

I feel like this past year has been a massive growth curve for me; I’m working with double or treble the tools and instruments I was working with previously. Many things have been revealed to me in the last 12 months – I feel my strength and sophistication as an energy healer has expanded considerably. I just bought new software – it has list that you go through, identifying on each ‘page’ what it is that’s bothering the client, and then at the end there’s release statements and intentions that I work through to let the energy go – or rather, to eject the energy from your being, because quite often they like where they are and don’t want to leave. And the funny thing was that I had no intention of using the software immediately, because I wasn’t familiar with it, I didn’t know the content, I wasn’t 100% sure how it worked. But there you go – Source Consciousness knows more than I do, because within a day or two of me loading it on my laptop, I just knew I had to open it, and work through it, to help someone. I was Guided every step of the way by my inner knowing, my intuition – or by Source Consciousness; whichever you prefer to call it.

So it’s a ‘knowingness’, for me. I’ll be sitting quite blankly, with not much going on in my head – this isn’t news haha – and I’ll just ‘know’ that I need to open that chart, or that file, or that set of instructions, or look at that sheet stuck on my wall – because that’s where your Higher Self, or Source Consciousness, wants me to go – because IT knows something I don’t, and IT wants me to go to a particular chart, and work through it, and release something from you that is identified on the chart. And yes – I am connected to that part of you, ‘you’ are sitting in me, ‘you’ are directing me.

So that’s it, really. If you sat in here and watched me, you’d think I was just tapping on my computer, interspersed with staring blankly at a screen, or the wall. I also talk to myself – I talk to ‘you’ actually – I ask you questions like, “Is it on this chart?”, and, “Should I go here?” And sometimes I don’t even bother with that because by the time I’ve formulated the question, the answer has been shown to me – literally, because my eyes fall on a chart or a file or an item or a word, and when I ask for confirmation that this is where you want me to be, I get it, instantaneously. I’m able to work much quicker than I used to. And if I’m ‘with’ someone, or it’s a live session on Zoom, I might say, “Oh yes – you trapped this when you were 7 or 8,” and most times, they remember exactly what was going on in their lives then, and how hard things were at that age, and they relate to the emotion or energy completely. Sometimes they don’t remember – they might remember and text me later, or they might not. It doesn’t matter, because your Higher and Sub-conscious selves remember – they remember every second of your life. All I do is tap into that knowingness, facilitate the feed of energy for you, and disconnect from you when we’re done.

Thursdays are my favourite days of the week – I look forwards to Thursdays with huge excitement and anticipation, because Thursdays are my Healing Circle days; and I wake up filled with enthusiasm and optimism on Thursdays, because I’m so grateful to be able to help so many people, all at the same time.

I have a bit of a ‘Thursday Ritual’, where I go through my spreadsheet and think about each client, I think about the issue they want me to help them with, I ask for help for everyone individually; and then when I start the actual healing it’s pretty much as I’ve described, above. More blank staring at charts, more tapping on a keyboard as I write the reports.

I love this work. I honestly believe I’ve found my purpose, that I’m here on Earth right now to help people, to help make the world a better place. I feel so completely lucky and blessed to have discovered it, to have stumbled upon this healing path. I think – hope – that I will continue to help people for the rest of my life, and I know a time is coming where I’ll be able to afford to do much more pro-bono work and thus help so many more people who currently can’t afford healing. This too, I’m called to.

Like many healers, my healing journey started with my own healing – which is ongoing, which I anticipate will be something I want to engage with until I die, basically; simply because of the profound changes I have experienced in my own life and which I continue to experience as a result of this work. My brother, in late 2019 after not having seen me for four years, commented, “I can’t believe how much you’ve changed, Gen!” The changes are external for others to observe, as well as internal, for me to wonder at (and feel grateful for).

I hope you, too, find your path and your purpose. It’s a wonderful thing for me, after making career choices and choosing actions; to now have a deep knowingness and contentment about where I am right now, and the rightness of what I’m doing. I think everyone deserves to feel this way.

I often work with people who are vacillating about what to do, who are self-sabotaging because they don’t know where to go with their career or with their choices or their relationships. I don’t predict for them what will be the best for them, or counsel them to do one thing or the other. All I do is work with them to release the old emotional baggage that is sitting like a block in the river that is their energy flow, and that is causing their energy to back up around the block and causing confusion, or hesitation. And once that energy’s gone, their paths become so much more self-evident to them, they seem to be able to easily make decisions and find themselves taking the steps they need to move to the next level – their next level.

I do this in one-to-one sessions – book a 60-minute session here – and also in my Transformational Healing Circle, which you can register for, here. I’d love to help you with anything that’s in your way – that’s at the root of your eating disorder, that’s the cause of your self-sabotage, that’s contributing to your anxiety issues. Please contact me!

You can email me direct at gen@genedwards.com – arrange a session or just ask for a discovery call so that we can chat. I’d love to meet you! Here’s the discovery call link:

Free 30-minute discovery call with Gen

Love & Light,
Gen xx

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