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Clearing sinuses using the Body Code energy healing

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Hi again from your friendly energy healer!

This week I’m looking at the Body Code as an energetic healing method to help people with sinusitis, digestive issues – and opening up our connection to Divinity.

The Back Story:

A client I worked with recently – over two sessions – wanted help with her sinus passages being blocked and uncomfortable, as well as needing some digestive support. When we were chatting – via Zoom – before we started the session, she mentioned that she would like her link to Divinity to be more open and connected. To be honest I just parked this in my head, and on her session record, only made a note of the physical issues, not the spiritual.

Healing report 2 of 2:

Healing report 2 of 2:

What I think:

So – we did two sessions on my client’s sinus and digestive issues. The feedback above, spans the time between the two sessions, and after the second session. Verbally, when we checked-in before her second session, she told me her face had opened up at the front: meaning (and I checked) that her nose, alongside her nose, her forehead had all released the sensations she had previously, of being all blocked-up and ‘heavy in her face.’

That was pretty cool – I was delighted about that. In her feedback, she talks about her digestive issues which have definitely shifted, between the two sessions – they are still settling now, as I write this. In addition her skin has broken out but I’m not discouraged because this is one of the ‘releasing’ symptoms I’ve seen with a lot of clients. Our skin, as our largest elimination organ, releases a lot of toxins and that’s exactly what I think is happening here.

You’ll see – from her report, that we focused a great deal on her late teen years, in releasing something that happened then. Many – or indeed most – of her organs were holding on to events that occurred then, and it was a relief to her to be able to finally let them go. I can’t claim to always ‘understand’ the connections between what we released / from which organs / the issue a client wants help with, but the connections are definitely there, given the feedback.

The thing that really blew me away, was that we uncovered a deficiency in the vibration created by the colour Pearl. When I read up what that means; it’s about our connection to Divinity, and about strengthening our connection to Divinity. She ‘didn’t have enough of the colour Pearl’ – translating to; she didn’t have enough of whatever frequency vibration the colour gives out. I was further blown away by the imbalance in her Crown Chakra that came up next – relative to her connection to the Divine – again! This, she had asked for, at the start of her session – and somehow it was mostly inter-twined with events at age 18-19.

I was so happy to be able to release and balance this, for her.

So there we have it – more astonishing results from energy healing. What can I say? I’ve been doing this for a while and I’m still gobsmacked, every time, at what people tell me.

Why don’t you try? What have you got to lose? Contact me!

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In love and light until next time.


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