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Doorways into healing

Only you can let me in

I've had some cause to reflect this week, and this is what I've realised:

People identify a 'doorway' like say 'headaches', that flag for them they "need to take action to fix the headaches". This is their 'healing entry-way' that they offer to me, to fix their 'problem'. They give me permission to enter through their doorway. This is their 'consciously identified entry-point'.

When I enter, I engage in a series of closed questions with their Higher Self. And what does that do? I get directed - so often - to emotions generated when my client was 3, or 7, or 10. And these emotions have busily been building up in their energy field, like attracting like, until they build emotional walls around their hearts to protect them from all their hurts, from their little wounded selves.

So sometimes, the headaches need three or four sessions to 'improve'. And sometimes, one or two is enough. But. And here's the 'But'... We've identified and released past traumas and issues that the Higher Self has been crying out for help with. FOR YEARS. Because: Your Higher Self doesn't care that much about your headaches. It CARES about your Little or Earlier Self who has been pleading for healing, and who might have deliberately manifested those headaches to get your attention. So that you opened that door. So that you invited someone in.

In love and light. I hope you invite someone in, and I don't even mind if it's not me. ❤

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