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Energy healing and OCD behaviours

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Hi again from your friendly energy healer!


This week I want to focus on a case study around ridding a client of Trichotillomania.

The Back Story:

The reason my client wanted to work with his Trichotillomania was because it had gotten out of hand – one of his eyebrows was virtually non-existent, he had started pulling hairs from the other and he was feeling ‘socially embarrassed’ about how he looked. He had tried to stop himself pulling the hairs out but found it almost impossible to do, especially when he was feeling stressed and anxious – it had become almost an automatic response to help him cope.

You may or may not know – Trichotillomania is the name given to a hair-pulling disorder in which people pull out facial, head and body hair as a coping mechanism. (Even eyelashes – ouch!) It’s one of a group of behaviours known as body-focused repetitive behaviours (BFRBs), self-grooming behaviours in which people pull, pick, scrape, or bite their hair, skin, or nails, resulting in damage to their bodies. It’s compulsively addictive.

The Healing Report:

The Feedback:

The next week

The week following

Finally – two weeks after the last session

What I think

We did three sessions, and completely nailed this issue. It’s in his past – it’s gone. It’s hardly even a memory now, for him.

Prior to this client coming to me with this issue, I had never encountered Trichotillomania. Neither had he – he had Googled to see what might be happening to him and found that he fitted completely within the descriptors given. According to The TLC Foundation for Body-Focused Repetitive Behaviours, Trichotillomania is: “currently classified under “Obsessive-Compulsive and Related Disorders” in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fifth Edition.

The DSM-5 diagnostic criteria include:

  • Recurrent hair pulling, resulting in hair loss
  • Repeated attempts to decrease or stop the behavior
  • Clinically significant distress or impairment in social, occupational, or other area of functioning
  • Not due to substance abuse or a medical condition (e.g., dermatological condition)
  • Not better accounted for by another psychiatric disorder.”

Reading the abbreviated report above – and this is one of three – it seems clear that there were stress-inducing incidents in his childhood which you would expect because Trichotillomania seems to be a stress-coping mechanism. These incidents are possibly related to and fed into his recreational drug habit – which is another coping mechanism.

Part of his spirit had lodged outside of his body and we see this in individuals who have experienced intense emotional trauma, or a physical trauma such as having been involved in a car accident, a fall or other physical trauma event/s. Part of your spirit literally ‘jumps out of your body’ from the shock.

Anyway – the key thing here is that by releasing the underpinning sadness, we released the Trichotillomania. This represents a win/win on so many levels – his brain plasticity has been adjusted so that the memories underpinning the OCD behaviours have become a lot less accessible, and the output – or Trichotillomania – has been removed. Another win worth noting is the fact that he feels 'more in control' of his life generally. This is definitely a result of his healing sessions and is a wonderful knock-on benefit. The practice of Trichotillomania is generally thought to be an attempt to control aspects of your life when events have been ‘un-controllable’ for you.

Someone said to me the other day: “Gen you must be so proud of your results.” And yes, I am. But I always remember to give thanks to Mother God Father God Creator of All – because that is who is allowing me to facilitate these results on behalf of my clients. And when I facilitated this change in this young man, it brought me to tears. I’m tearing-up as I write this now. Thank you God for this gift that allows me to change lives for the better.

So there we have it – more astonishing results from energy healing. What can I say? I’ve been doing this for a while and I’m still gobsmacked, every time, at what people tell me.

You could have this too. Why don’t you try? What have you got to lose? Contact me!

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In love and light until next time.


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