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Headaches - and the Body Code

Looking back over my records, I’m in the process of analysing the energies released from various clients, when treating common complaints using energy healing methods.

I’m interested in headaches now, and looking at my records, as well as reflecting on recent treatments done, it seems headaches can be a bit tricky.

I’ve only once succeeded in dramatically facilitating release of the headaches of a client in one session – I’ve needed to do energy healing work with other headache cases for two or three sessions to get worthwhile relief for the client/s. ‘Worthwhile’ as in: [quoted from client feedback] “I’ve stopped taking my headache pills, I no longer need to make sure I have a box handy in case my head has a meltdown.”

One client testimonial (phone screenshot) on her headache relief goes like this:

Looking at various records of energies released, some common denominators for headaches seem to be:

  • Bones in the skull misaligned, (occipital, zygomatic, temporal) underpinned / caused by Trapped Emotions
  • Hypothalamus and/or Pineal glands ‘unhappy’ in some way or form
  • Brow chakra out of whack – supported and caused by Trapped Emotions
  • Bladder misaligned (also connects and affects paraspinal muscles, right up the back and including those neck ones at the back of your neck/head. Who knew??) Of course the unexpected bonus here might be that once we energetically help clear this; you get lucky – and no longer have to cross your legs when you sneeze!

Yip. Same-old, same old – it seems that our trapped emotions are ours, uniquely. It’s just that some of us trap them in places that lead to physical discomfort, or that misalign a meridian, which leads to physical discomfort, or that cause a spirit-to-physical disconnection – that yes – lead to physical discomfort!

And so with headaches – my records indicate that although the emotions and life experiences differ, there are ‘common fields’ that get affected by the stuff we trap – and that give some of us – headaches!

I'd love to help you energetically release your 'aches' - your head-aches, your tummy-aches, your heart-aches, your back-aches, your knee-aches. What other aches do you have that you'd like to say goodbye to?

Please remember - I'm not a medical practitioner and any claims made about the release of aches and pains are made by my clients in their testimonials. I do not intend that my facilitation of energy healing should to take the place of any medical consultation and I expect that you will see your doctor in the event of recurring aches and pains.

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