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Healing Animal Relationships

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Hi again from your friendly energy healer!

My newsletter this week is a bit different – I’m talking about healing the relationship between a domestic cat and a bunny. Maybe the timing for this came up because it’s pre- my free Healing Circle session where I help animals to better cope with the horrors of fireworks which I’ll be offering in October. Whatever – the point is that animals trap emotions too, and animals respond to energy healing just like we do.


The Back Story:

The reason my client wanted to work with me was because he and his partner had adopted a cat belonging to his partner’s parents who had emigrated. My client already had a pet bunny – Floof; and the cat is Mim. Here is his brief to me:

“Basically, she (Mim) seems very threatened by him - he has never been aggressive to her, except for once when she had him cornered - and she is very tense around him and that tension keeps building until she swats him when he is close to her. I think I have made this worse by shouting at her and smacking her the first time she swatted him. Now she swats at him and immediately runs away because she thinks that I will hit her for hitting him. A very tense situation. Perhaps if she could realise that she doesn't need to fear him, it would help?

Mim, might be afraid that we are leaving her, as we are packing to move again, and the boxes might be traumatic for her.”

Mim’s healing Report #1 of #2:

Feedback session #1:

What I think

I was blown away when I got this response to an email I sent, asking “Was I on the spot with the timings?” – because the whole report (not all included, here) was relevant to two years ago, and to nine months ago and I was wondering, while I was healing, what the significance of these time frames were. It turns out that Mim’s previous ‘dad’ had been seriously ill two years ago, and her ‘parents’ had packed up and emigrated nine months ago. She had, at that time, relocated to her present home.

More evidence for me, as an animal-lover, that the animals in our lives know exactly what’s going on in their environments!

Often when I’m healing, it’s in a ‘vacuum’ – in the sense that I’m channelling healing and directing it where God and my Guides show me to, but, if you’re not there with me, to tell me, “Oh yes, that’s when such-and-such happened,” I am acting on faith and trust and hoping that I am ‘hearing’ what my Guides are telling me, correctly hearing where They are telling me to go. So you can perhaps imagine how pleased I was to have this positive confirmation that little Mim’s life was traumatic both two years, and nine months ago! (Well - 'pleased' is not perhaps the correct term, but I'm sure you get my meaning!)

Feedback session #2:

What I think

You’ll see that we’re moving closer to current time, here – within a time-frame of 3-6 months. I was working on her relationship with Floof as well as with her possible fears of being abandoned; and I think (but who can know for sure?!) that here, I was working on her relationship with Floof. Her root chakra – associated with instinct, safety, stability, survival, and potentiality was in a state of imbalance in two areas.


Disappointingly – and I was disappointed – Mim didn’t immediately rush to embrace Floof after this second session. I tested how responsive she was and concluded that I had released 95% of everything relevant that I could release. So the lack of an immediate improvement was a disappointment to me.


However, one thing my dear spiritual mentor has drummed into me on more than one occasion is the principle that I do the healing, then I hand over to God and walk away. I believe that it’s all in God’s hands anyway, and He will reveal any healing when the time is right. I walked away, I disengaged from the outcome, I handed it over to God.


And hey – that’s when I got this feedback:

Feedback four weeks after session #2:

And finally, in the interests of space, this is what the last part of his text says:

“They get on so much better now. They both share space on the *rug in front of the heater in the evenings. She is so much more tolerant of Floof than she has ever been, allowing him to approach her without either swatting at him or running away. It’s been a real, marked, behaviour change!”

*=winter i August in the Southern Hemisphere

So there we have it – more astonishing results from energy healing. What can I say? I’ve been doing this for a while and I’m still gobsmacked, every time, at what people tell me.

You could have this too – your animal/s could have this healing for FREE before Guy Fawkes, before Diwali. I’m offering one free session to release fear of fireworks, because I’m for dogs, I’m for cats, I’m for bunnies and horses and … and …

It saddens me to see animals petrified, hiding in cupboards, under the bed, refusing to eat – trembling and consumed by fear of fireworks which they just cannot understand; and have no control over. Watch my FB page – you’ll see advertisements for this free animal healing at end September and start October. Join me, join my dog, join other animals in this free session. Please register your pet. Register your friends’ animals, your mother-on-law’s animals! Let me help – if you are in Timbuktu or Taiwan – I can help your animal.

Why don’t you try? What have you got to lose? Contact me!

My details are on my website:

You can also email me direct at – arrange a session or just ask for a discovery call so that we can chat.

Access my scheduler direct and make your own booking in your time zone at

In love and light until next time.


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