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Have you ever wondered where certain infections come from? Have you ever considered that they could actually be Trapped Emotions? This was the topic for discussion on my recent interview with David Finch on Life and Soul Radio.

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We tend not to realise that so many illnesses can be caused by specific emotions being trapped in particular organs. In this interview I discuss my experiences in healing insomnia, UTIs (urinary tract infections) and incontinence, explaining how trapped emotions in the liver, the hypothalamus and the urinary system have all impacted the functionality of these organs contributing to the related illnesses. By releasing these emotions, the body is allowed heal enabling clients to re-engage with a full nights’ restful sleep, or to disengage from UTIs – such a welcome release!

We also discussed how to engage with and process emotions more effectively in order to reduce the possibility of harbouring infections in the first instance.

Intrigued? Then please listen in, you can find the interview at: on 19 August 2020.

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