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PTSD trauma suffering

 - and how energy healing can help

My focus this last week or so, has been working with people who suffer from PTSD. A friend said to me:

"... She's been living in hospital since she was 15 ..."
- and I thought - How do you cope with that? How does anyone cope with that?

I decided to try and find out - and I decided to try and do something about it. Here's the back story plus feedback from one person, along with an edited session record. Typically (if using the Emotion Code), I'll facilitate your releasing of about 9 - 12 negative emotional energies. It depends on your Higher Consciousness, as to how much you're willing to release. I always test, and confirm; that we're OK to carry on before I release more.

Here's the story:

The question I always ask your Higher Consciousness, in order to arrive at the energy most negatively affecting you, is “What can I do today that’s in your highest interest? What can I clear and release from you right now that will give you the best possible result?”

Take a look at "A's" Case Study. I talked about releasing 'bunches' of energies in my last Case Study. Here they are!

In "A's" case, I released just five trapped emotions, and their replicates; in one session. Hmmmm. Yet she had a noticeable result. I think that's amazing. Honestly, when I embarked on this project, I wasn't expecting much in the way of results. 'Expecting' and 'hoping' are two different things. I mean, how much difference can you make with someone, doing one session, releasing five instances of trapped energies? Well - evidently - a noticable difference!

This case study is an extreme one. But - if you had issues of trauma, of fear, of anxiety - imagine if you could release them the way "A" has? Maybe you'd sleep better at night?

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