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The Colour Connection

... and surprising links!

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Recently I was working with a client, and what came up was interesting – it was a colour deficiency. Someone reading this blog probably knows more about colour than I do – I know it’s linked spiritually to some kind of ‘need’ for something but I don’t know what.
Anyway – she tested as being deficient in red.

“WHAT??!” she said – “Did you say RED? I HATE RED! I never have anything in red and recently when I wanted to buy a new vacuum cleaner, the one I wanted was in red and I refused to get it. I have NO red in my house or my clothes!”

Turns out that when she was about 3, she experienced shock, crying, fear, betrayal – all associated with the colour red.

Go figure.

I’m waiting to see – when she’s processed; I want to know if she goes and buys that red vacuum cleaner.
Please feel free to comment if you know what colours 'mean' - ?

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