Calming anxiety, depression and panic attacks with the Body Code

Calming anxiety, depression and panic attacks

Hello Beautiful Souls

I had a query recently, from someone via my Instagram account, asking if I could help with “depression and social anxiety”.

Often when people send me a query around “Can you help … ?” when I reply, I send a link to a blog I’ve written on the topic.  And I realised – “Hey! I haven’t written about anxiety and depression!” This is surprising, because I cut my healing teeth on helping people with anxiety and depression – because it’s lovely and responsive to intuitive energy healing, it’s ‘easy’ and people get lovely results. And, sadly, because so many people have it so it’s never hard to find.

Because I’ve done a fair bit of work with different people, helping them with their anxiety, depression, panic attacks, OCD and PTSD, I’ve been able to observe the different ways that these conditions have manifested for them.

Some people have heart palpitations, and report a feeling like ‘a band around the chest,’ sometimes causing shallow breathing – a bit like panting. I always ask these people if they’ve been to the doctor and had their symptoms checked out, because I’m not a medical professional and would never advocate energy healing as the magic bullet for everything. The answer, more than once, has been, “Yes. I’ve had the scans and there’s ‘nothing wrong.’” Another client said, “I have an unexplained heart murmur, but they can’t find anything wrong.”

One woman reported an extreme of this – her heart rate was always elevated, even when she was regularly doing hard aerobic exercise to try and get it down.

One woman had a teeth-grinding habit, done when she was asleep and that her dentist was concerned about, because she was grinding off the tooth enamel.

Typically with high anxiety or depression levels, people find it hard to cope with ‘stuff’ and will have meltdowns at work, and need to go to the bathrooms to have a private weep about whatever is causing them anxiety.

I’ve helped clients whose anxiety has manifested as OCD behaviours – like trichotillomania, or hair-pulling used as a stress-coping mechanism; extremely black, repetitive and completely irrational and compulsive thoughts; depression as a result of losing a child, ending a relationship or of having a parent commit suicide; and anxiety linked to PTSD created as a result of extreme stress and trauma like serving in the armed forces, or of being subjected to childhood abuse.  Sometimes a physical issue like, for example, “My breasts never developed normally” can cause great anxiety and stress.

Sadly, often when helping people with anxiety or depression, childhood issues and traumas surface. As I get to know the client better, they may tell me what happened to them at age 8, or age 13, or whatever age their Higher Selves are asking me to release trapped feelings because they were unable to process them or deal with them at the time.

Very often limiting belief systems present themselves for release – things that we tell ourselves like, “It’s all my fault,” or, “I deserve to suffer,” and that have been contributing to the anxiety or overwhelm.

Here are some examples of feedback from around the world I’ve had relevant to anxiety, depression, panic attacks and OCD behaviours. These clients have worked with me in mini-sessions, one-to-one sessions, or as part of my Healing Circle.

Anxiety and depression_Feedback 1
Anxiety and depression_Feedback 2
Anxiety and depression_Feedback 3
Anxiety and depression_Feedback 4

I would love to help you overcome your anxiety, your depression, your OCD behaviours or your PTSD reactions. I would really feel completely lucky and privileged to be able to try to help you. Please call me – please reach out for a free discovery call. I’ve used intuitive energy healing to help, literally, hundreds of people with many different symptoms – who knows? Maybe I’ve even helped someone with a symptom like yours!

Here’s the link to book one-to-one healing sessions – book a 60-minute session here – and the link for my Transformational Healing Circle, which you can register for, here. I’d love to help you and your children! Please contact me!

You can email me direct at – arrange a session or just ask for a discovery call so that we can chat. I’d love to meet you! Here’s the discovery call link:

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Love & Light,
Gen xx

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