Cravings for sugar, spice, and all things nice … and how psychic healing helps

Like so many people, I have a sugar addiction. Is this true for you? How many times have you decided not to eat sugar/sweets/foods containing sugar, and ended up doing so anyway? Me too!!

Apparently it’s because we evolved when food was in shorter supply than it is now, it was harder to get, so anything laden with carbohydrates and high calories was a win for us because it suited our taste-buds and gave us energy for survival. So, in short – our bodies have evolved to want sugar in all its forms.

The back story:

I’ve done a fair bit of work over the years with people who wanted to lose weight, lose the cravings, and ditch the sugar. The report excerpt below is ‘any report’ because what comes up for release might be predictable and it might not. So when working with someone who has PTSD, I predict that a fair amount of anxiety might come up asking to be released in support of easing PTSD symptoms – with food cravings (sweet and salty) it’s a lot less predictable. I’m of the opinion now, after doing this work for so long, that ‘anything can cause anything.’

Client report – wanting to let go of cravings:

What I think:

You might be thinking – why does having misaligned cervical disks have any relationship to sugar? My response would be – “I have no idea. Anything can cause anything.”

Addictive heart energy – these can come up when dealing with ‘addictions’ – to wine, drugs, to salty or sweet foods; even to ‘unsuitable relationships that don’t serve me.’ Anything really, that we have formed a strong connection with and that leads us to be ‘addicted’ to the thing. The heart is seeking support, and so it has created this energy, which very often is supported (‘fed by’) Heart Walls. These are the energetic walls built by our subconscious minds in an effort to protect us from further hurt and distress. These Heart Walls can result in feelings of numbness because we’ve removed ourselves to a degree, we’ve detached as a self-protective measure and might feel numb and unaffected by events.

The Roadblock was her subconscious mind, ‘blocking’ me from seeing further. Our subconscious minds do this to protect us – again – from hurt. All I needed to do when I encountered the Roadblock was to ask her subconscious mind to let me in, promising that I wouldn’t hurt or wound her. Once in, I was able to clear the Roadblock which she created sometime between 4 and 5 years old.

The numbers in the report are the ages at which her subconscious mind experienced the Big Feelings, and unable to deal with them, locked them away in a dark place.

Feedback, from multiple clients on sugar addictions:

I’ve worked with people who wanted to stop drinking ‘so much’ wine, eating ‘so many snacks,’ choosing the ‘bad foods over the good,’ wanting to ‘stick to their intermittent fasting plan.’ I’ve worked one to one, and in group healings to help people with sugary and salty food choices.

So if this is your story, please take heart and hope – it can shift, it does shift. Some of these feedback excerpts are from one to ones, some from my Healing Circle – the last one is results reported after more than one session. (I think it was after four sessions in my Healing Circle, with a 1-1 to start with). To really embed the new behaviours, it’s helpful to do a course of sessions.

Please reach out! You can choose from so many services – taster sessions where you don’t have to commit too much, memberships where you or your child experience a drip-drip of healing, Channelled Tapping (EFT) to start letting go of energy blocks that are holding us back, one-to-one sessions with different pricing options, as well as different bundles of healing to suit every budget

Finally – I’m always happy to chat about your needs and find out from you how we can best work together!

Peace.  💜🤍💜

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