Psychic healing, nightmares and kids

Psychic healing, nightmares and kids

Does the word ‘nightmares’ resonate with you? Can you remember the last time you were in the grip of one? Maybe you knew you were riding that crazy horse, but just couldn’t get off no matter how you wanted to?

Oh! The relief – the relief of waking and knowing it wasn’t true (but still feeling creeped-out for a while, a bit anxious about dropping off again!)

I’ve just completed a second ‘nightmares’ session with a 6-year old who had sleeping problems for several weeks.

This is the back story, as told to me by her Mum:

She has nightmares which make her afraid to go to sleep. She talks about the same nightmare, which keeps on recurring. She wants to sleep with Mummy because she’s so scared of what will happen to her when she falls asleep. She wakes from her nightmares sobbing, with her heart pumping. Because she’s really afraid to fall asleep; unless she’s with Mummy, she doesn’t sleep.”

This little girl was reluctant to go to sleep, so bedtime was an issue, she woke three or four times in the night and would only be comforted if her Mummy held her again while she went back to sleep so essentially (as happens) everyone ended up sleeping in the same bed – not very well. The next layer to the story was added by her brother, who (possibly) saw all the attention his sister was getting so joined in the fun by having his own nocebo nightmares and wanting to sleep with Mummy and Daddy too.

Altogether, everyone was exhausted. It’s also upsetting, being a parent and witnessing your small child who you want to feel happy and confident, crying and shaking because of a bad dream. Does this ring any bells for you?

The nightmares are coming at a time of change for the kids who are both starting school next month, the summer hols are over and possibly there’s more anxiety and stress in general.

Who knows?

We did one session, in which two main ages – 2-3 and 3-4, popped up. Mum, who was with me as I ran the session, couldn’t remember anything faintly resembling what came up on the report, and we chatted about this a bit at the end.

What I know about this work is that:

  • ‘Anything’ can cause ‘anything.’
  • There is often a blinding lack of logic or apparent relevance to what asks to be released relevant to the issue we’re working with.
  • Sometimes it’s completely un-relatable or identifiable in terms of ages identified or emotions released.
  • The older you are, the longer your piece of string is likely to be. What I’ve noticed is this – we work diligently at laying down trauma responses over 30/40/50/60 years, and we carefully build energetic structures that have now resulted in fibromyalgia, or arthritis, or back pain, or anxiety, or incontinence, or constipation – or … or … or. We can’t expect to ‘fix’ this in one session.

What I also know about this work, having worked now with getting on towards 500 people, is that:

  • Regardless of what I say/identify, your Angels and Guides are working to release what you have asked to be released.
  • Sometimes the healing is revealed in the next day or two, sometimes it’s not. You’re having layers and layers peeled off you, but it’s a case of God’s timing – sometimes ‘you’ need to experience or do something before the healing becomes clear to you.
  • This healing is like taking an antibiotic. If you start the course, and have an amazing result, and stop the course; the ‘infection’ generally comes back, because we didn’t complete the course.
  • It’s OK if you don’t understand or agree. Focus not on the healing report – ie don’t dig in the trash because the trash, has, effectively, gone. Focus on how the symptoms are shifting.
  • Finally – like Manuel in Fawlty Towers – I Know Nothing. This work is a mystery and a blessing, to me. I’m groping in the dark, doing the best I can to bring the Light, just like everyone else.

So – back to nightmares – and how have her symptoms shifted?

Conscious rating’ is how Mum rated her – ascertained after I had checked in with her Higher Self and measured her rating. I wasn’t ‘right’ and Mum, ‘wrong’ or vice versa. It’s just a benchmark to start with.

I generally avoid asking people after the session what their conscious ratings are – the energy is very unsettled and it’s hard for most people to tune into until it’s settled and integrated. Notice how her numbers have dropped?

But – how does this translate In Real Life?

I ran session #1 on August 15. Her Higher Self told me she needed another after 6 days, so we left it, until today – 23 August to run the second.

Yesterday, I worked with Mum on something else, and enquired after her daughter’s nightmares. This is what she said.

“The day after the healing – same-same. Lots of nightmares, lots of disturbances, not much sleep.

The following day (night) she woke up four times.

The next night she woke up twice.

The next night and onwards, she woke up once. She stayed in her bed, and didn’t need to get into bed with Mummy and Daddy.

Her nightmares are so much better!!”

So today, on instruction from her Mum, I worked with:

At the end of her session, these were her severity ratings:

Notice how the energetic ratings have dropped? I believe they will In Real Life too.

Here’s one report – for interest, and to illustrate the point of, ‘Mum not recognising anything and feeling very puzzled.’

The Aspect of Consciousness of Unexpressed Child is, of course, an aspect of her Inner Child who was ‘unhappy, unexpressed.’

I reckon she needs one more session to nail the nightmares, and I have made a recommendation to this effect. I would prefer that we finish with them now, than that they make a guest appearance and develop into a full-blown Rocky Horror Show taking centre stage, in six months.

Her brother? We did a session for him too, and he’s really settled back into his normal routine, the ‘nightmares’ have stopped and he’s much happier about being in his own bed.

Is this your child? Does your little one have nightmares, or nervous tics, or … ?? fill in the blank. I would love to help them. You are allowed, as their guardian, to give permission for me to work with your child until they are 18; after which they need to give consent themselves. The best part? They don’t have to know. In fact, the best part is that you don’t tell them, because then they think there’s ‘something wrong with them,’ and there isn’t, of course. It’s just a stage, and if we can smooth the path for them and make them happier – why wouldn’t we?

Please reach out! You can choose from so many services – taster sessions where you don’t have to commit too much, memberships where you or your child experience a drip-drip of healing, Channelled Tapping (EFT) to start letting go of energy blocks that are holding us back, one-to-one sessions with different pricing options, as well as different bundles of healing to suit every budget

Finally – I’m always happy to chat about your needs and how we can best work together!

Peace.  💜🤍💜

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