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Someone asked me the other day: “Do you still work with children?”  And yes – of course I do.

Working with children is no different to working with adults because I am accessing their energy in the same way, and having a dialogue with their Higher Selves in the same way as I do with adults.  I ask virtually the same questions and I receive the answers in the same way.

I’ll tell you what’s different about working with children though – they don’t know I’m doing it.  That’s because a child is considered – within the healing modalities I use of the Emotion and Body Codes – to be a dependent until the age of 18.  So up until 18 years of age, the child’s parent or guardian has the authority to ask me to work with them and help them to recover from whatever it is they need help with.  This advantage – of them ‘not knowing’ – is absolutely priceless.

How many of you have taken your kids to therapists?

You have to shlepp your child across town, at times you’ve managed to squeeze in-between school and homework and extra-murals.  And during this, during the work with the psychologist or therapist or whatever; your child is clearly getting the message that he or she is ‘special’, that they need ‘special attention’ because they ‘don’t conform’ and ‘meet the standards’ expected by school or society. 

Here they are, being carted off for therapy while their friends are playing or doing something considered to be ‘ordinary’.  They have a clear picture in their heads that there’s something ‘wrong’ with them, or that at the very least they are ‘different’ or ‘special.’  If they already have self-esteem issues or a lack of confidence, this can be a real kicker.  If they’re refusing to acknowledge that something traumatic happened to them, once you invite them to go to see a therapist, they are likely to dig their heels in and refuse to acknowledge that it affected them in any way.

The beauty of doing energy work with kids is that they don’t need to know it’s happening.  They don’t get poked and prodded and asked what’s wrong.  They don’t get taken out of their environment and in fact in many cases I do it when they’re asleep.  They just gradually change their behaviours and it’s no big deal.  Of course, it’s a huge big deal for their parents – but the child doesn’t need to know that.

Here’s case studies of children I’ve worked with.  I’ve changed all their names to protect their identities.

Holding onto poos, and IBS

Piper was three.  She was holding onto her poos, for about seven to ten days before she could be persuaded to go to the loo.  Her parents were undergoing a divorce and she was finding this really stressful.  This kind of behaviour is typical manifestation of “I have no control over events.  Oh – hang on – yes, I do!  I can refuse to poop.  I can hold onto that – I can control something!”  Of course, it’s a great attention-getter too, from her parents.  Her Mum was getting really upset about this behaviour, and had tried everything to shift it.

Piper’s bother, Liam, was seven when I treated him for IBS.  He was stressed too, but his manifestation of anxiety and fear was to run to the loo with a runny tummy several times a day.

After Piper’s treatment, she reduced her ‘holding on’ from seven/ten days to three.  Her brother was a lot less prone to get IBS and started verbalising his fears instead, as a way of coping with them.  After a few weeks, both kids had normalised.  Piper was now potty-trained! 

Backstory – Piper and Liam

Piper and Liam_Feedback 1

Feedback Piper and Liam:

Piper and Liam_Feedback 2
Piper and Liam_Feedback 3

Toddler tantrums

My next case study is that of a challenging three-year old toddler called Alicia who had been ill, and as a result her tantrums were proving to be greater than normal.  Her Mum asked for help, and she quickly had a positive response in terms of changed behaviours! This feedback showcased below was sent literally a couple of days after Alicia’s remote session.

Feedback – Alicia


Colds and coughs turning into asthma

The screenshot below is feedback about seven-year-old Jeremy, who suffers badly from asthma, general anxiety and eczema.  He tends to, especially in the winter, get a cold or cough which then degenerates into asthma.

Feedback – Jeremy

Jeremy Feedback

Nervous tics

The little boy in the case study below, suffered from nervous tics. He had a wonderful response to remote, distance, energy healing. He was seven, and like all the other kids – I worked with him completely remotely, via WhatsApp or text or email. After doing two sessions on tics, his Mum sent me the feedback message below.

Backstory – Pierre

Pierre Feedback 1

Feedback – Pierre

Pierre Feedback 2

Needy and fearful four-year-old

This little boy had the following issues that his Mum wanted us to work with:

“When he gets a small scratch – he goes on a loop about “I hurt myself, Mummy.” It’s hard to get him up out of this loop.

When he wakes at night, to go to the loo – he often wakes up fearful and crying.

He’s scared of the dark, scared to be alone in dark.

He has insecurity within himself – and poor self-worth.”


Needy and fearful Ahmed_Feedback

I’ve done some work, too, on sibling relationships and rivalry, which has had lovely results. I think lots of parents tear their hair out because of sibling bickering and fighting – it’s a lot less stressful once the kids settle down and get on better with each other!

If you have an under-18 child you’re tearing your hair out about – please contact me! I’d love to help! I have had some wonderful results with various issues for kids, and I never know what this amazing healing methodology will send me until I try. It might help you, and your child – and wouldn’t that be stunning? I work with children in my Healing Circle too – they get a drip-drip of healing every week and the parents notice that the family dynamic improves as the child becomes happier and more content. Imagine if this were your child!

Here’s the link to book one-to-one healing sessions – book a 60-minute session here – and the link for my Transformational Healing Circle, which you can register for, here. I’d love to help you and your children! Please contact me!

You can email me direct at – arrange a session or just ask for a discovery call so that we can chat. I’d love to meet you! Here’s the discovery call link:

Free 30-minute discovery call with Gen

Love & Light,
Gen xx

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