Using the Body Code to help knee pain, chronic cough, and intermittent fasting in my Healing Circle 2021/2022

Using the Body Code to help knee pain, chronic cough, and intermittent fasting

Using the Body Code to help knee pain, chronic cough, and intermittent fasting in my Healing Circle 2021/2022

Hi again from your friendly energy healer!

Recently, I ran my first Healing Circle for 2022.

I’m really super-proud of myself because I ran these healing sessions continuously last year – by the end of 2021 my total number of Healing Circles was 52. I ran one pretty much every, single week, in 2021. And I plan to do that this year too.

I did take some time out in December, though, where I worked on a new project I’m getting stuck into in 2022, as well as took the opportunity to have a reflective and retrospective look back, at all the people I was lucky enough to serve in 2021, at all the healing I did, and I discovered to my delight that in my Healing Circle I have

  • helped well over 200 people (and lots of animals!)
  • had clients from several countries
  • helped people with between 50 and 60 different symptoms.

And I think that’s pretty cool.

So this week – I’m talking about three of my clients from the end of 2021 and the start of 2022, and their results in the Healing Circle.

The backstories:


About 2 months ago I hit my knee while coming off a bike. It wasn’t sore or bruised, but the level of the pain has not reduced as it should have by now. Think in previous work with you I might have mentioned that my left side of the body is generally more prone to pain. From a metaphysical perspective, I think there may be more to this pain so perhaps we can explore the energetic side – if you agree.”


“… my son’s darn cough, … he constantly has this issue … he finally got a physical appointment with the GP a week or so ago, he checked his chest and breathing and could find nothing of concern, the GP is convinced that he has post nasal drip, which is in turn causing this continual cough, he diagnosed this over the phone more than a month ago and prescribed Lansoprazole & Gaviscon, this was diligently taken and in fact the cough improved to some extent … however once he stopped taking the medication, it was noted that he coughs after eating. We have checked for Covid by the way PCR tests have always been negative, he is vaccinated and boosted, however I don’t think that has had an effect on this cough, as he has had this cough for months and months, in fact originally it was being treated as hay fever.

Do you think you can help, Gen?”

Intermittent fasting:

“I am currently using intermittent fasting and I am drawn to fatty food and wine.  If I could follow the fasting 800 which requires 800 calories a day based on the Mediterranean diet that would be useful.

I am finding it difficult to cook for myself and plan meals. I would like to be able to get back to making healthy choices even when eating out and to drink more water.”

Healing Circle report current session:

Healing Report Healing Circle

Feedback – knee – one session (email):

N knee feedback screenshot

Feedback – chronic cough – one session:

Cough feedback Healing Circle image

Feedback – intermittent fasting – which we abandoned in favour of working on something else, and then re-connected to the fasting issue before Christmas …
Emailed after session #1 towards end of last year:

Fasting feedback 1

Emailed just after Christmas:

Fasting feedback 2

What I think:

Talking about the healing report relevant to my client’s knee first, I was interested when the ‘recovery interference’ energy popped up, and thought, “Ahh yes – ‘A’ and ‘B’ are driving this session!” I had two people (‘A’ and ‘B’) in this particular session who wanted to focus on physical discomfort issues, and funnily enough the addition of the knee pain in this specific session seemed to trigger the healing into dealing with the recovery interference. It’s a post-traumatic energy, where for some reason the body’s recovery process is interrupted and can’t return to a balanced state.

Trapped Emotions – old emotional baggage that we hold onto when we simply can’t or won’t deal with them – were associated with this recovery interference.

Now the cough – hmmmm – did something happen, where he contracted a cough, it never got healed when he got the cough, and the recovery interference needed to be cleared? I don’t know, to be honest – given my experience to date I think it’s likely.

Intermittent fasting – well, that’s a win. She no longer gets hi-jacked as much as she did with fatty foods and wines, she finds it easier to stick to her plan. Yes – she has bobbed up and down over the festive period; I’m hopeful that she’ll stabilise again now and start seeing the weight drop consistently again.

*Hot off the press – between time of writing and time of publishing this blog she emailed me saying, “Intermittent fasting issue is now feeling like a 0 rating. Today, please can we work on …”

What about everyone else in that Circle – including me? Well, currently I’m working with some interesting relationship dynamics, and helping a couple with their relationship, (“Our relationship has never been better! Intimacy is at an all-time high!”) two siblings, and a family group. And my feeling about the recovery interference, relative to the energy that is stuck and rancid in relationships and contributing to relationship unhappiness is this – I think the relationships suffered damage, inflicted on it by one or more of the participants – and never managed to recover.

Others in the Circle? I haven’t heard – sometimes I get feedback and sometimes I don’t, but I know that they are responding because in weeks previous to this one they’ve been telling me about their shifts. Also, many of them have jumped ship from their first and second issues we worked with, and are now working on something else – because they feel that the first and second issues are ‘finished.’

Finally – I put myself in the Circle as I often do. Part-way through the healing I started yawning my head off, felt really exhausted and just wanted to go and lie down somewhere! When I’d finished the session I wandered off and had a nap. Whatever it was we released, whatever the recovery interference was for me, with the associated emotions, must have been highly toxic and my body just felt exhausted by dealing with and releasing the energies. Who knows? As Dr Bradley Nelson, retired chiropractor, medical intuitive and creator of The Emotion and Body Codes says, “I only work here.”

Why don’t you try my Circle? I work every week with people all around the world, helping them individually and anonymously, with their ‘stuff’. You’ll find testimonials on the Transformational Healing Circle page of my website. You can join the community, here.

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Love & Light,
Gen xx

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