How can I help you?

I'm a Heart-mender for broken hearts

I help people who feel their hearts are sore and broken – for whatever reasons.

My specialty is in helping you to remove those negative energies that may impact your heart, and that might literally ‘break’ it by separating your spirit heart from your physical heart.

If you have experienced any of these:

Allow me help you to re-balance and restore your energies; let me help you to feel better..

Getting divorced

Grief, anxiety, feelings of rejection, of not being good enough, of anger, of puzzlement, of ‘things not finished or resolved’

Being cheated-on

By a loved one

Losing a family member

Having a family member die – spouse, parent, sibling, child

Feelings of rejection

Having been an orphan, or having been adopted, or just having felt “not good enough”

Losing a pet

Grief when a beloved pet dies


Overwhelm, heart palpitations, shortness of breath, tears, ‘a band around your heart’, sweaty palms, fearfulness, extreme reactivity

In addition, I can help you to release negative memories and emotions that well up when you think about past experiences like

  • Forced retirement
  • Being a refugee
  • Having been victim to a racist/xenophobic/terrorist attack
  • Stress and anxiety from serving in the armed forces
  • Having been a victim of crime such as rape, armed hold-up, home invasion etc
  • Being addicted to substances, food, alcohol, unhealthy relationships … and so much more.
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