How to beat seasonal allergies and hay-fever – and the Body Code can help here too!

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Hello Beautiful Souls

I exploded this week past, with allergies and hay-fever.

For years and years I had a post-nasal drip and was on antihistamine tablets, prescribed by my doctor. Eventually, about five years ago, I decided enough was enough, and started looking at other ways of managing my allergies. I suppose this was a reaction to the healing work I had discovered, but I suddenly decided I didn’t want to be taking a prescription drug if I didn’t have to, and so started exploring other options.

Now, I sometimes suffer with seasonal hay-fever and all the joys it brings with it – the sniffing, the sneezing, the post-nasal drip; but I no longer need to take drugs to cope because I’ve found other ways, and my reactions are easier for me to manage when pollen overwhelms me!

I don’t recommend for one second that you come off any prescription meds your doctor has given you to help you cope, but you may find that some of the things I mention in this newsletter, ease your path and your reactions to seasonal outbreaks – I hope so!

Tips that have helped me cope better with seasonal allergies and hay-fever

  1. Rinse your face with water to get the pollen dust off – do this often.
  2. Rub Vaseline around your nostrils to ‘catch;’ the pollen spores. If your eyes are madly itchy and swollen you might try this around your eyes too – along the orbit cavity bone line. Keep it well away from your actual eyes.
  3. Take your clothes off at night, and don’t leave them lying around in your bedroom so the pollen can float around while you’re sleeping.
  4. Close your windows and stay indoors if you can – especially on a windy day. When you do go out, consider wearing a mask á la Covid.
  5. Take a tablespoon of honey each day – it must be locally sourced, from a local bee-keeper. The bees are using the pollen in your area to create the honey, and your ingesting of this on a regular, daily basis really helps build your immunity towards the local pollen outbreaks.
  6. Try a Hopi Ear Candle treatment! These are reported to help with ear, nose and throat issues – all the parts of us that react with hay-fever!

    Someone I know goes for regular Hopi Ear Candle treatments, to pull the wax from her ears. Last week, she reported that there was no sign of wax coming out, but there was a lot of sinus dust. Her sinuses had really been struggling because of the high pollen count, and her eyes were leaking and swollen. After the Hopi Ear Candle session, these symptoms all disappeared.

Don’t underestimate how debilitating a severe hay-fever attack can be! Earlier this week I literally just sneezed and sneezed and sneezed. My eyes were itchy, my nose was itchy, my ears were itchy and very quickly, my head clogged up and my sinuses were completely blocked. After doing everything for myself that I write about here, I went back to bed in the middle of the morning and slept for much of the day. My body was absolutely whacked.

Allergies and hayfever_Itchy roof of mouth

As you may know by now, if you read my newsletters regularly – I think that very often, there are energetic, or spiritual reasons for how our bodies react to something. Louse Hay, that great teacher, says in her book You can heal your life that allergies and hay-fever are linked to our denying our own power, emotional congestion, a belief in persecution.

Does this resonate, if you suffer from allergies or hay-fever? It resonates with me – for much of my life I could put my hand up for two of those descriptors, and I think these emotional issues might have been contributing factors to my allergic reactions in many periods of my life.

One delightful knock-on effect that hay-fever and all the explosive sneezing has for me, is a post-nasal drip. I had a post-nasal drip for much of my life and one thing that I finally discovered, really helped me, was using essential oils – citrus – lemon or grapefruit. I drop up to three drops onto a teaspoon, and place it under my tongue at least three times a day. I get ear infections spinning off my post-nasal drip, because my eustachian tubes block up and I can’t drain the mucus effectively, leading to a build-up behind my eardrums. As soon as I feel the post-nasal drip starting, I start with the essential oils. You can ingest them every half-hour, neat; as long as it’s a food-associated oil – don’t be putting tea tree oil under your tongue. The citrus ones seem to work best for post-nasal drip conditions. 

Warning: they are super-bitter because they’re so concentrated, and they are pressed from the peel of the fruit.

*Disclaimer – this is what I do, because it works for me. Many people are horrified when I tell them I actually ingest essential oils, because they are ‘so strong’. In my experience, their concentrated strength is exactly why they work as they do. Please use your own judgement here – I am not a medical practitioner, this practise has worked for me and my post-nasal drip. If in any doubt of the safety of ingesting neat essential oils, I recommend that you avoid this option.

The other thing you can try is a salt-wash to clear your sinuses. Mix a warm salt solution, put it in a little jug, tip your head back and pour the solution into one nostril. You kind of move your head to the other side and forwards – this allows the salt to run over your sinuses (reducing inflammation and reaction resulting in over-production of mucus ie blocked nose, stuffy face, post-nasal drip); and out the other nostril. I suggest you put a towel around your neck – it can be messy.

Another way to help bust mucus build-up in your body is to drink loads of water, thus keeping the mucus thin and allowing it to drain as it should. You can buy Marshmallow supplements at health-stores (not the sweets, this is an herb!) which are reported to balance the flow of mucus through the body. Always avoid dairy when you’re suffering from allergies and allergic reactions, because dairy products encourage your body to produce (more!) mucus.

Louise Hay in her book You can heal your life suggests that a post-nasal drip is caused by inner crying, childish tears, being in victim mode; and Inna Segal in her book The secret language of your body, says post nasal drip is associated with: swallowing your anger, frustration, resentment and sadness. Hiding how you feel inside. Deeply suppressed pain and aggression. (This was absolutely me, by the way, before I started my own healing journey).

Finally, I’ve had some lovely successes using The Body Code to help allergy and hay-fever sufferers. Ask me why this is so and I would have to answer that I have absolutely no idea – because, without fail, when reviewing the reports written for these clients; they show that their Higher Selves were asking for the release of old outdated emotional baggage from their childhood or teenage years. I cannot explain how childhood or teen years issues can be at the root of a very current explosive reaction to pollen, but there you go. As Dr Bradley Nelson, creator of The Emotion Code and The Body Code says, “I only work here.” This is true for me too. I clear what I’m directed to clear, and then sit back to see what happens.

Interestingly, this can be a Magic Bullet kind of session, where one session does the trick. This has been true for some of the clients I have helped with hay-fever and allergies, but not for others. Did I mention – I don’t have a clue … ?

Have I done this allergy-healing for me, personally? No, because I’m a bit like that person who’s married to the builder – the kitchen never gets fixed. Lol.

Here is feedback from two clients, suffering from allergies and hay fever. As I said earlier, I do believe (as did Louise Hay and as does Inna Segal) that many of our illnesses manifest as a result of what’s going on inside us. This has shown itself time and time again in the years that I’ve been practising as an intuitive energy healer. When you use energy healing to start releasing the old, bottled-up, outdated toxic energies, symptoms shift and lessen. And so it was, with these two clients showcased below …

Allergies and hayfever Feedback 1a
Allergies and hayfever Feedback 2a

I would really feel completely lucky and privileged to be able to try to help you with your allergies and hay-fever. Please call me – please reach out for a free discovery call. I’ve used intuitive energy healing to help, literally, hundreds of people with many different symptoms – who knows? Maybe I’ve even helped someone with a symptom like yours!

Here’s the link to book one-to-one healing sessions – book a 60-minute session here – and the link for my Transformational Healing Circle, which you can register for, here. I’d love to help you and your children! Please contact me!

You can email me direct at – arrange a session or just ask for a discovery call so that we can chat. I’d love to meet you! Here’s the discovery call link:

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Love & Light, wishing you a sniff-free summer
Gen xx

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