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I am a Leeds-based certified healer in the Emotion Code, the Body Code and PSYCH-K®.

I am so pleased that you have decided to learn more about how you can heal your life today.

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My Story

I got interested in energy healing in about 2013, when my own life started being significantly changed through healing.

I have a childhood history of abandonment – which resulted in me never feeling ‘good enough,’ I never felt like I made the grade; I was never worthy which is probably why I acted out in my teenage years, got up to no good, and had huge anger issues well into my thirties.

In my teenage years, I had two inappropriate incidents with men who were old enough to be my father (and then some) and because I didn’t have boundaries, or indeed even know what boundaries were; I was completely unequipped to fend them off.

I lived for a long time in a society where gratuitous violence, crime and political instability were seen as ‘normal’, which meant that I lived in a constant state of low-key, simmering fear and anxiety, which peaked at intervals when something in particular happened within my environment.

Finally, after all this, in about 2013, I began a journey of dealing with all of my issues

Something just ‘clicked’ and I knew that I was ready to start dealing with my stuff – all the stuff I had pushed down, and ignored, and told myself I was OK with. And when that happened, I got led to people – doors opened, I started meeting the ‘right’ people – people who could facilitate my healing, walk by my side and witness the changes I was experiencing in my mental, physical and emotional selves. I was so very, very grateful to have found these people. I still am – so grateful.

I suspect will continue healing for the rest of my life; because so much has changed and so much just keeps on evolving, as I walk this road of getting healing for myself and of now giving it to others.

With love and light – peace to you, whether I turn out to be the ‘door’ you’ve been looking for, or not.

Did you hear me on the Radio?​

You may have caught me in several radio interviews and videos.

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Interview with David Finch Life and Soul Radio


Have you ever wondered where certain infections come from? Have you ever considered that they could actually be fuelled by Trapped Emotions? This was the topic for discussion on my recent interview with David Finch on Life and Soul Radio:

Interview with Inspire Radio

Trapped Emotions?

Listen to my interview with Steve Twynham on Inspire Radio – and find out why people can yawn, burp or fall asleep during a healing session! Discover how Trapped Emotions – such as Humiliation, Shame, Shock, and many others can result in lower back pain – and how our emotions impact so powerfully on the functioning and wellness of our stomachs and digestive systems! Intrigued? Then please listen in, you can find the interview here on my website, or as a podcast on

Bells Palsy and PTSD

How Bells Palsy and PTSD responded to healing with the Body Code​

Is it possible, to remotely, from another country, reach out with energy healing and help someone get relief from Bells Palsy?

Get the behind-the-scenes info in how this really was possible, by seeing how Bells Palsy and PTSD may be energetically linked – how one supported the other in my client; and how it was all rooted in and underpinned by childhood traumas.

Addressing back pain with the Body Code

Back Pain?

Discover what happened after a client told me about her chronic back pain that she had suffered from for seven years.

Find out the amazing, behind-the-scenes information around what happened in her session; and continues to happen even now – and how we freed generations of her bloodline from inherited emotional baggage.

Bariatric surgery and the Body Code

How can using Energy Healing help?

How can energy healing using the Emotion and Body Codes possibly support someone who has undergone serious surgery?

Well – watch me talk about exactly that – I had a client who had dreadful after-effects from bariatric surgery, which were making her miserable and socially embarrassed! Discover the truth about how energy healing works – and the difference it can make – in my behind-the-scenes stories!


Chesty, rattly ex-smoker's cough

Do you still suffer?

Chesty, rattly ex-smoker’s cough – I bet you never thought you could get rid of something like this using Emotion Code energy healing? Well you can, and I did – watch and listen to find out what Trapped Emotions were living in her lungs and hear what she had to say about her cough when all the healing was done.

OCD - Trichotillomania​

What is it?

Find out what is it, and how can we help to release this and other kinds of OCD behaviours?

Find out more by listening to me talk about this, explaining a client case study using the Emotion and Body Code energy healing methodologies! I explain what I released with the client and what the end result was, according to feedback quoted direct from the client himself.

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