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This week, I’m showcasing how the Body Code has helped with headaches. The case study I’m highlighting here is one about a client in Australia, who suffered from chronic headaches. She was always taking OTC headache pills to help her cope with them.

We did three sessions, quite widely spaced because she was wanting to work on other things too. Generally she noticed the headache severity dipping, then if it started coming beck, we did another session.

I’m showcasing the two reports below because they show some of the range of what we did. Please don’t ask me why one was so ‘energetic’ and the other so ‘physical’ – as Dr Bradley Nelson, founder of The Emotion and Body Code says – “I only work here.”

Healing report #1:

Chronic Headaches Healing Report 1

Healing report #2:

Feedback #1:

Chronic Headaches Healing Review Feedback 1

Feedback #2:

Chronic Headaches Healing Review Feedback 2

Feedback #3:

Chronic Headaches Healing Review Feedback 3

What I think:
Report #1

I think it’s helpful to demystify some of the language – for example, her Brow Chakra – which according to Indian belief is a ‘wheel’ of spinning energy, a centre of spiritual power– was out of balance. The Brow Chakra is located between the eyebrows and is linked to the pineal gland, and is also thought to be associated with balance of self, intuition and seeing/planning the future. It is sometimes referred to as the Third Eye Chakra.

There were Trapped Emotions (TEs) at the foundation of this imbalance – old, leftover feelings that she trapped in her tissues and organs as well as in this Chakra – because when she experienced the feelings she couldn’t deal with them, possibly felt overwhelmed by them and preferred to just shut them away in a dark corner of herself.  Sound familiar?

The Crown Chakra is located at the top of our heads (ever wondered why we have a ‘crown’ where our hair might grow in different directions? This is where the name originates). The Crown Chakra is associated with our inner wisdom, and our connection to Universal Intelligence, or, to Divinity, if you see it that way. The reason her Crown Chakra was in a state of imbalance was because at age 17 or 18, she had attracted a post-hypnotic suggestion, implanted by herself or by someone else; probably when she was in a bit of a daze and her energetic defences were down. Think; pounding and repetitive club music or venues, video games and so on – typical teenage behaviours! The physical to spirit disconnection in her heart is, according to Dr Bradley Nelson, “… a disconnection of the spirit (aka energy body) and physical body, where the spirit is still located entirely within the physical body, but the ability of the two to communicate has somehow broken down.” In my work I’ve released a lot of energetic Heart Walls – ‘walls’ we build around our hearts to protect them, which also serve as unwanted defensive barriers that block love and abundance coming into our hearts. In this case, her Heart Walls were probably doing all that, in addition to causing a disconnection between her spirit and her physical hearts.

Report #2

I think this is quite self-explanatory, but always fascinating. Bear in mind I’m not a doctor and have no understanding of the skeletal structure – so all these findings were intuitive (I was directed to one of the charts I use) and to be honest, I really don’t have a clue about any of these kinds of structural imbalances and what they mean!

Anyway – there you go. I think I’ve said before, I’ll say it again – I’m just a facilitator, a vessel, a conduit when I do this work – and I go to where I’m sent.

Feedback #3

I got a bit teary when I read this, and I was so, completely blown out of the water. My client sent it to me a few months after our third and final headache session, and it was totally unexpected.

Perhaps you know – iridologists work with the eyes, and by looking at the whites of the eyes as well as the rings and flecks of colour found in the iris of their patient, they claim they can tell if someone has broken a bone, or about their general health in the form of food allergies, sensitivities. My client previously had rings in her irises indicative of chronic headaches, as identified by her iridologist. When she visited him again – they were gone.

Isn’t that extraordinary? And wonderful? It’s like her history was rewritten – and her future, too!

I do this healing in one-to-one sessions – book a 60-minute session here – and also in my Transformational Healing Circle, which you can register for, here. I’d love to help you with anything that’s at the root of, and contributing to your headaches! Please contact me!

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