Opening up the channels so money can freely flow in

Opening up the channels so money can freely flow in

Hi again from your friendly energy healer!

This week I want to focus on a case study using the Body Code to release a lack of abundance, or specifically, a lack of money!

Something I’ve realised more and more as I do this work, is that money is an energy like all energies. When the flow of money is blocked, generally there is a block somewhere in our energy fields because money is completely neutral and comes to us if we allow it.

Lots of us hold negative belief systems and negative emotions around money, and having these tend to block if from flowing easily in and out of our lives.

The healings showcased here are around releasing those blocks, to allow money energy and abundance to flow back through this client’s energy field, as money is intended to do – once we let it!

The back story

The reason my client wanted to work with me releasing her abundance issues was because she said:

“I don’t feel like I have negative thoughts about money but in conversation I mentioned that I’m giving counselling info in an informal setting like a chat for free but when ppl ask me how much are my fees I clamp up and think I can’t charge too much cause theses ppl need the help and can’t afford it …or like I’m not sure if I can charge atm as I’m still studying and still not sure if I know what I’m doing…so it’s a combo of money lack and confidence.”

The Energy Report

Opening up the channels so money can freely flow in Report

Key to outdated, trapped emotional baggage that was impacting her allowing money energy to flow: TEs=Trapped Emotions | HWs=Heart Wall emotions | Roadblock = something that her sub-conscious was ‘hiding’ from both herself and me. 

The Feedback:

The next day

Three days later

Opening up the channels so money can freely flow in Feedback

Five days later

The next week

Opening up the channels so money can freely flow in Feedback

Ten days later

What I think

She mentioned that it was interesting how the emotions we released occurred between 14-16 years old, which was a “sad time for me.” In the second session we did a lot of releasing when she was 45, which was “a traumatic time for me.” Time and again, using the Emotion and Body Codes allows me to hit the nail on the head in terms of the ages where the most trapped energies are held; at the ages when people lodged them in particular organs. This never ceases to interest me. Of course – the explanation is that I am Guided by forces greater than me, outside of me, to release whatever is in the client’s best interest. And – in case you’re wondering – I never get shown the event that the emotions are associated with – I don’t know ‘what happened.’

You’ll see that we were working on her ‘stability’ and ‘sense of security’ in this session – both of which are lodged in the root chakra. Very often when working with clients on their abundance or wealth issues, we find energies lodged in the root chakra because this is where we are safe (or not), where we are rooted, where we have firm foundations – or not.

In this session and in the one that followed, we released energies from her gall bladder – which she had surgically removed, last year. Nonetheless, the energetic imprint of her gall bladder remains, much as is demonstrated by the energetic remains of a leaf shown in Kirlian photography. The energetic ‘balls’ of the emotions found in her gall bladder were still taking up energetic space and those are what we released.

Her first feedback comment, above – refers to her ‘waking up’ hours after our first session – and how she felt. She is in Aus so we did the session remotely – she had texted me her current abundance issue, and asked if I had availability. We’ve been working together on and off for a couple of years – she just pops into my life when she wants to deal with something.

I loved how she reported that her energy levels had escalated – this is a common ‘side effect’ of energy healing. We’ll be working on releasing ‘the issue,’ and serendipitously, will improve other physical or emotional aspects for the client.

Regarding her feedback – bless her cotton socks – she just kept on sending me messages about her experience as she shifted so dramatically from where she had been before we started this abundance healing. I love how her confidence and creativity have shot through the roof. She’s creatively looking at new ways to increase her abundance and draw more people to her – through an online course which she has now finally decided to develop.

She asked me, “What is Creative Insecurity?” and I explained it’s like a writer’s block but that it can block us in any creative endeavour from cooking an amazing meal to creating a mosaic. It’s very often associated with people procrastinating and exhibiting self-sabotaging behaviours.

Her response to this was: “… which is good as I want to write an online course to sell but in the last two weeks I have had so much trouble trying to decide on a topic then I talk myself out of it saying ‘so many other people are writing courses on the same holistic topic as me’, then I let it go …”  Typical self-sabotaging thinking and behaviours, yes?

The thing that astonished me about this abundance healing was how almost immediate her energetic response was, how almost immediately she had the confidence to put up her prices and know that she has enough inherent value in herself, to do this. I think … this is just the beginning, for her! Lol

We did two sessions and from her perspective, given what has changed for her – that’s enough. And – her changes have been measurable. Very often people ‘need’ more than one or two sessions, depending on how long they have been ‘laying down’ the trapped energies that are negatively impacting them..

Think of healing as a process – much like learning to cook, or wanting a beautifully toned body. You wouldn’t go to one cordon bleu cooking lesson and then believe you had done enough to be a competent cook. Nor would you go to the gym for a week, and consider it enough to make a visible change to your body. We build our emotional baggage over time – usually, over years of not being able to deal with it, and ‘shutting the lid’ on feelings we couldn’t cope with. Generally, true transformation comes over time, which is why my Transformative Healing Circle Community is having such success and getting such lovely feedback. We focus on ‘an issue’ for a month or more – three months seems to be the optimum time – and the steady, remote, weekly drip-drip of healing wears away whatever is at the root of the issue and allows participants to see real change over time. If you’re interested, you can read more about this on my dedicated Transformative Healing Circle Community page; on my website.

So there we have it – more astonishing results from energy healing.  What can I say?  I’ve been doing this for a while and I’m still gobsmacked, every time, at what people tell me.

You could have this too. Why don’t you try? What have you got to lose? Contact me!

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