Resolving muscular weakness or paralysis in the foot

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Hi again from your friendly energy healer!

Today my case study focuses on an intriguing (and upsetting, for the recipient) condition known as ‘drop foot.’

This condition came into my awareness when a client texted me, saying, “I seem to have suddenly lost control of the muscle in my leg that allows me to tilt my foot upwards. This is affecting my ability to walk and drive as I cannot move my foot as I normally would. I Googled, and it looks like a condition called drop foot / foot drop and is something that interferes with the nerves in my leg. It’s horrible – I kind of get a feel of what it must be like to be paralysed.

I cannot tilt my right foot upwards – I can move it in all other directions. I just can’t tilt it up, curl my toes, stand on my heel. It’s not sore or anything – it’s just that I can’t move it, like I was paralysed.”

I asked, “Have you seen your doctor about this?”, to which he replied, “I will obviously go to the doctor if it persists but I was giving it time and I wanted you to have a look.”

OK – so this was pretty scary from his point of view, and to be honest, from mine too. Could I do anything about this, with energy healing?!

The back story

I Googled Drop Foot myself, and it seems like it’s thought to be the outward sign of an underlying problem, rather than a condition itself. Well, hello! Does this surprise you? If you’ve read any of my other blogs you’ll know this ties into one of my fundamental belief systems – that illness or un-wellness is an outward manifestation of inner emotional turmoil. Drop foot may be temporary or permanent, and a possible solution is to wear some kind of brace affair, strapped to the ankle and supporting the foot.

The NHS think say that Drop Foot can be muscular, or related to brain or spine injury – as in an ‘outward sign of an underlying problem.’ The point is, traditional medicine doesn’t seem to know a great deal about it, or really, how to ‘fix it.’

‘Solutions’ offered by the NHS:

Managing foot drop

  1. wearing an ankle-foot brace or splint to hold your foot in a normal position.
  2. physiotherapy to strengthen your foot, ankle and lower leg muscles.
  3. electrical nerve stimulation – in certain cases, it can help lift the foot.

    My findings, in my healing sessions with this client, were that it was all related to past emotional upsets which he hadn’t been able to deal with, and so was carrying with him.

The Energy Healing report #1 of #2:

Resolving Muscular Weakness Report

Feedback #1 after one-to-one healing session:

Resolving muscular weakness or paralysis in the foot Feedback

Feedback #2 after group Healing Circle session:

Resolving muscular weakness or paralysis in the foot Feedback

Feedback #3 after three weeks had passed:

What I think

Why were past emotional issues affecting current physical un-wellness? I have no idea, specifically, but I work with this kind of thing all the time and know that it’s often the case – emotional baggage contributes to physical, emotional and mental stress and dis-ease.

From the report – our chakras are energy wheels aligned to our spines, with the exception of the Crown chakra which hovers above our heads, and are our connection to Divinity. His Crown chakra was ‘upset’ and this was affecting his ‘beingness’, or his being who he’s meant to be.

A ‘negative energy’ is a type of negative thought-form that was attracted by low vibration frequencies (all the Trapped Emotions listed above), and which kind of took up residence on top of the problematic foot – and was, I imagine, a big contributing factor to his inability to tilt the foot up.

He had two sessions in total – one as a one-to-one session (done via Zoom) and the second as a Healing Circle session done completely remotely. Many clients opt for this as a solution – they’ll do an initial one-to-one session, then come into my Transformative Healing Circle Community and continue working on the issue, there – with a weekly drip-feed of healing. He was able, after his first remote, distance, Healing Circle session; to move to work on a different issue because his drop foot had resolved. We had cleared enough that the foot stopped bothering him.

He’s a young man – his resolution over two sessions is unusual. Many of my clients take more sessions to resolve their pain. This makes sense to me – a sixty-year-old is typically carrying more emotional baggage contributing to physical, emotional or mental issues; than a younger person!

I’d like to make an observation about his comment in his final feedback, where he says, “… I’ve almost forgotten that there was ever a problem.” This fascinates me because I have it from so many clients. I think brain plasticity is at play here, and once the problem is ‘gone’, the brain adapts and forgets we ever had it. I see this time and again, relevant to physical, emotional and mental issues that we’ve cleared and released using energy medicine.

I absolutely love the challenge of figuring out tough issues that no doctor seems to be able to budge; I love taking those on to see how fast we can shift people out of pain and into peace! I found this healing particularly satisfying, because it was so interesting that we could release a muscular / physical problem using energy, remotely, at long-distance.

So there we have it – more astonishing results from energy healing. What can I say? I’ve been doing this for a while and I’m still filled with wonder and gratitude, every time, at what people tell me.

Why don’t you try? What have you got to lose? Drop me an email: – arrange a session or just ask for a discovery call so that we can chat. I’d love to invite you into my global Healing Circle membership so you could join others, from around the world, who are experiencing wonderful results – moving from pain to peace – whatever that looks like, for them, and their specific issue that we are addressing.

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