Secrets to Successful Group Energy Healing

  • Are you an energy healer, or someone who works with energy and is ready to move to the next level?
  • Do you know there’s more to what you do than servicing one-to-one clients, wonderful and satisfying as that may be?
  • Are you ready to make more money than you can by only servicing one-to-one clients?
  • Do you love being in service, helping others with their transformations but get frustrated because you want to serve more people – and there just aren’t enough hours in the day?
  • Do you long to make the world a better, happier place in great swathes of people – rather than one at a time?

Well – if you nodded along to any of the points listed above – then this course is for you!

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I have been healing people all around the world, in my Healing Circle, since 2018. When I started, I struggled with belief, I struggled with the concept that I could help so many people, all around the world, all at the same time, completely remotely – and make a difference. I struggled with my money story, and my worth story, and whether or not I was enough to do this work.

The proof is in the pudding – lots and lots of testimonials from happy Healing Circle Community members, who feedback to me that their pain levels have dropped, their happiness has increased, their mental states improved …

Before I became a healer, I was an instructional designer teaching others how to write brain-friendly, engaging learning material for adults. And now – I’ve married my skills of writing learning material with all the ins and outs anyone, who is an energy practitioner, needs to know to be able to start working effectively with groups.

Secrets to Successful Group Energy Healing Programme

Programme at full price is £362 (you receive a saving of £110!)

What you get:

Six modules (emailed to you over five weeks) chock-full of all you need to know to successfully run group energy healing sessions – value £362

The option for half-hour coaching sessions with Gen at a reduced fee of £85

Investment £362!

Secrets to Successful Group Energy Healing Premium Programme

Programme at full price is £540 (you receive a massive saving of £172!)

What you get:

  • Three months’ membership in Gen’s Healing Circle Community, valued at £210
  • One Deep Dive Healing session valued at £140
  • Six modules (emailed to you over 5 weeks) chock-full of all you need to know to successfully run group energy healing sessions! Valued at £362
  • Optional half-hour coaching sessions with Gen at a reduced fee of £85

Total value = £712 – Investment £540!

What are the benefits of a Deep Dive Healing session with me?​

In this one-to-one Zoom session, aimed at helping you release resistances and limiting blocks you’re experiencing in your personal life and healing business, over two hours we’ll

  • Use my tried and tested protocols for shifting mental, emotional, spiritual or physical blocks that are standing in the way of you reaching your goals
  • Raise your energy’s Level of Consciousness to Love and beyond
  • Set up a healing programme for you that will run for longer than the duration of the healing session.

How do I support you become a group healing facilitator?​

I am so excited to introduce this course to you, because it contains all the solutions and all the learning that I have accumulated since I started working with groups in 2018. I’ve neatly packaged this so you can sail through from beginning to end, learning from my mistakes and empowering yourself with my Best Practice creative solutions to group work.

On this course, delivered into your inbox over six modules, you’ll work through practical content aimed at giving you your best shot at effectively mastering the skills of being a group healing facilitator. You’ll

  • have absolutely no doubt that group energy healing works and has tangible results
  • have decided how you’re going to do the group work, by investigating different options and then choosing the one/s that work for you
  • have planned, structured and run your first group session
  • have tools, templates and systems in place to help you manage the logistics
  • have set your price point and know why you’ve set it
  • have started manifesting clients
  • have a deep understanding of how this work benefits you and them
  • have had a look at the money aspect, and started (if you don’t already) managing your income in a sustainable way.

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Healing Circle testimonials​

Finally – a few words from my clients, working with me in my Healing Circle about how successful, they perceive, group healing work to be! Imagine – your clients could be giving you similar feedback!

"Hi Gen … there’s been a definite positive shift in my energy state since your fb healing circle … just wanted to feed that back! Thank you. ❤️🙏❤️"
"Hi Gen, Good news – my tummy issues are gone! Woohoo! This week, I would like to focus on releasing any abundance blocks please."
"I have definitely got a reduced sugar craving … discounting the carbs that are also sugar producing … but the late nite tea and biscuits cravings and chocolate with my coffee are sleeping for now! Thank you!!"
"Hi Gen Super thanks.🙏 Weight loss really improved this week as did reduction in alcohol … no wine for me."
"I also wanted to let you know that I’m feeling pretty good most of the time, which is a world away from how I was when I first contacted you for help. I feel good and I love feeling good! I’ve also been able to connect more with xxxxxx and begin to feel that deep love I have for him. I think I have been in survival mode for a very long time, but the work you’ve done with us in the healing circle has freed me. Now that I’m living (not just surviving), I have space to feel love and happiness. You are amazing."
"I felt anxiety dropping right away.😀 🙏"
"Brilliant thanks hip pain down completely around about a 2 out of 10 😊 amazing results in right hip. Sleeping much better "
"I haven’t had any brain fog since and am feeling more positive and happy."
"Thank you Gen! Great to see the report!"
"I’m feeling happy again, more energized, optimistic and confident. It’s a wonderful feeling after being depressed and frightened."
"Since the healing have slept well & yesterday had a wonderful burst of energy which encouraged me to pick up my painting again. Thank you. Xx"

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