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Hi again from your friendly energy healer!

This week I’m looking at bladder incontinence. I’ve been lucky enough to work with lots of incontinence issues – in children (bed-wetting) and in adults, and it’s such a wonderful issue to work with because it seems to be – with what I know so far – so very responsive to energy healing.

Incontinence is something that a lot of people have difficulty talking about – it’s socially embarrassing; but the fact is that lots of people, as they get older, suffer, or will suffer from it – women, particularly. It’s something to do with how our bladders and urinary systems are constructed differently to those of men.

Perhaps that’s why it’s always felt like such a blessing to me, to be able to help with this issue; added to which it has been – in my experience so far – such an ‘easy fix’ – people report that they notice immediate changes to their bladder issue. I love too, working with people on issues that doctors seem unable to help with – I get such a kick out of helping people move past something they thought they would never be able to be rid of.

Other than an operation, adult nappies/incontinence pants or pads, and strengthening the pelvic floor muscles with Pilates-type exercises; I don’t think there’s much offered by mainstream Western options. I believe Amazon offer some little device that you can ’wear’ – but I don’t know the details.

The back story

I’m highlighting feedback and responses from several different women, in the interests of perhaps showing you, if you need to be convinced; that it really is something energy healing is able to help people with, regardless of the personal circumstances or the age of the person experiencing it.

Essentially, in my experience to date (when working with incontinence); Trapped Emotions typically show up in the urinary system; that when released, allow the urinary system to heal itself and release incontinence.

The Energy Healing Report

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Feedback #1 (message to me in response to my emailed report)

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Feedback #2 (message to me in response to my emailed report)

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Feedback #3 ( message to me in response to my emailed report)

Stopping Incontinence Feedback Image 3

Feedback #4 (message to me in response to my emailed report)

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What I think

The illustrative report used above is just one report, although I have shared feedback given by four women. I chose it quite randomly because I’ve found, as I said earlier, that typically people with incontinence store or have lodged emotions in their urinary systems, and the report illustrates this. There may be more or less numbers of TEs (Trapped Emotions), and they may be in the bladder, the kidneys, the ureters, and/or the urethra. There are probably Trapped Emotions in other organs too, but in my experience to date it’s releasing those lodged from the urinary system that does the trick. My understanding of Trapped Emotions is that they are little energy masses – think ‘balls’ – that, when attached to or lodged in body tissue such as an organs or bone, energetically disrupt or distort that body part, leading to malfunction.

HWs (Heart Wall emotions) are lodged in energetic ‘walls’ our sub-conscious has built around our little hearts, in order to try and protect us from being further hurt. True – they help to stop more pain, but they also help to hinder the flow of love and abundance in and out of our hearts which is why we prefer to release them!

Once released, the affected body part is able to heal because the disruptive energy no longer influences it.

Typically too, the low vibrational frequency energies associated with our urinary systems are Blaming, Dread, Fear, Horror, Peeved (literally, ‘pissed off’), Conflict, Creative Insecurity, Terror, Unsupported and Wishy Washy (which kind of means, ‘vacillating,’ ‘undecided’). You might have noticed some of these in the report extract, above.

So there we have it – more astonishing results from energy healing. What can I say? I’ve been doing this for a while and I’m still filled with wonder and gratitude, every time, at what people tell me.

I have people in my Transformative Healing Circle Community, right now, who I’m helping to get relief from incontinence. If this is ‘your issue’, why don’t you join my no-tie-in membership Healing Circle, and let me help you, remotely, anonymously (no one in the Circle knows that you’re a participant, except me), weekly, with a consistent drip-drip of energy healing aimed at releasing your incontinence. 

Details are on my website, on the dedicated Transformative Healing Circle Community page. I would love to help you, I would love to witness your healing journey!

Why don’t you try? What have you got to lose? Drop me an email: gen@genedwards.com – arrange a session or just ask for a discovery call so that we can chat.

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