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Hi again from your friendly energy healer!

In this case study, I’m looking at the extraordinary results I facilitated when working with someone with fibromyalgia.

I knew – because I had seen reports – that the Body Code is an excellent methodology to help people with fibro, but I hadn’t managed, until recently, lol – to attract anyone with it into my healing sphere (apart from a successful mini-healing a few years ago, which hadn’t really given me enough data to go on).

So when I found this client, I was really excited to see what would change!

The back story:

was referred by someone here in West Yorkshire who had lovely results with her neuralgic headaches; to a colleague of hers on the other side of the world who suffered from fibromyalgia.

When I met this woman in a discovery call, she told me that her fibro manifested sometimes as whole-body pain, and as migraines. She found that it came and went in bursts, but that wasn’t necessarily with her, consistently. For the previous two weeks she had experienced pain in her palms and fingers, to the extent that she had been unable to open doors. She said that if she does too much physical work – like cleaning the house, it triggers the pain. Sometimes it’s just too much and she can’t do anything – which makes her very anxious about possibly not being able to work at all; at some future point.

The Healing Report:

The Energy Code & Fibromyalgia Report 1
The Energy Code & Fibromyalgia Report 2

Feedback #1

The Energy Code & Fibromyalgia Feedback 1

Feedback #2

The Energy Code & Fibromyalgia Feedback 2

Feedback #3

The Energy Code & Fibromyalgia Feedback 2

What I think:

You’ll see from her report – which I have chopped-up to show that at the end of her session, we concluded by balancing her ligaments – ligaments were the first issue (and therefore the ‘most urgent’) to present itself for our attention. I was interested; not knowing, or being able to anticipate, where she would take us to unravel this fibro problem; that we got a hit on ‘unbalanced ligaments’ straight away. And that kind of makes sense, don’t you think? Typically fibro manifests itself as extreme body discomfort and pain and what do our ligaments do? They are connective tissues, connecting bone to bone and are found throughout our bodies. So, no real surprise there.

Apart from that, you may have noticed that the ‘roots’ of her fibromyalgia reach back to when she was in her teens (currently, she is nearly forty). At age 18 or 19, she ‘trapped’ or ‘created’ a Will to Die, (everything probably felt overwhelmingly hard), supported by Trapped Emotions (TEs). Earlier, at about age 17 to 18, she trapped an ‘image’ of herself – either real or imagined; of her being humiliated. This was also fed, or enabled by, Trapped Emotions that she experienced earlier in her life, contributing to the image she had held onto, in her mind. This, so far in my experience, is typical. Whatever I’m treating you for, didn’t start last year (or whenever it is you tell me it started). A bit like Covid, we cook these things before they manifest. And in her case, she started ‘cooking’ this more than 20 years ago. That’s what I know so far – based on my experiences to date..

Other than that, this report is much like the others I post in these case-study newsletters, so I won’t dwell on it, too much. Variations on a theme, so to speak!

What I am interested in, is her feedback.

She had a strong reaction to her healing – she experienced the sum total of all her years’ of body pain, manifesting itself over a period of about a week as she processed and released. Following that, after our second session (which we did in the Healing Circle) she had a sinus attack, which lasted for a day. You’ll see that she suffered from sinus as a child, and now all of a sudden she was suffering again. This is not uncommon. Again – what I know so far, what I’ve observed with more than one client, is that the body ‘remembers’, and we experience ‘echoes’ of what has gone before; as we release the toxic energies contributing to our condition. All very bleh for her, and not much I could do about it except keep tabs on her condition and check in with her chakras to make sure they were balanced. I just did this on the fly, after getting her feedback about her sinus reaction.

And then finally – she sent me this great feedback about how she was feeling, currently. She talks about me ‘carrying her’ on her healing journey, and I’d like to point out that God carried her, or the Infinite Being, or whatever her belief system is. All I did, was walk by her side and facilitate for her, what was sent to me on her behalf. I laughed out loud about her scepticism comment. Yes, in our discovery call I could feel the disbelief radiating off her. But you know what? She took ownership for her pain, she took ownership for her healing, and she did something about it. She suspended her disbelief, and she got a wonderful result.

Given that she has had this condition for years, given that we did two sessions – might she need another? Probably, based on my experiences with other clients. Currently, she’s riding high, enjoying being pain-free. If she pushes herself too hard, she might ‘pull to the surface’ any remaining fibro symptoms. She could probably manage these herself now, given how much better she is. Manage them by looking after herself, and not over-doing things.

So there we have it – more astonishing results from energy healing. What can I say? l’ve been doing this for a while and I’m still thrilled and delighted, every time, at what people tell me.

Why don’t you try? What have you got to lose? Like her – you could try a mix of one-to-one healing sessions, coupled with group Healing Circle sessions. Lots of my clients find this works really well for them – might it work for you too? My Healing Circles are completely anonymous, affordable group healing sessions – where I am able to help many people with their individual issues, all at the same time. You join a global community of people, all walking their healing journeys with me through a consistent, weekly, drip-drip of energy healing. Because the healing is regular and consistent, people get lovely results and are moving from pain to peace – whatever that means for them.

Drop me an email – and arrange a session.

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