TRE: Tension & Trauma Releasing Exercises

TRE_Tension & Trauma Releasing Exercises

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Hi again from your friendly energy healer!

This is a fascinating guest blog from the lovely Sylvia Tillman, focused on a wonderful self-help healing method, that anyone can learn to do, and that offers amazing results to help with all kinds of aches and pains, e.g. back/neck/shoulder pain, teeth-grinding, sore joints, tension headaches, gastrointestinal conditions … and so on…

I have had very good reports of this self-healing method from a friend of mine, who learnt how to do it from a certified practitioner. She finds it wonderful to help her with managing her stress levels, and coping with the curve-balls that life can throw at us. I was riveted by her descriptions of how she experiences it, and how it makes her feel, afterwards.

Interested!? Read on!

TRE: Tension & Trauma Releasing Exercises by Sylvia Tillman – Certified TRE Provider


When I managed a health food shop, the question that customers asked most was: What is the alternative to …

Is this also one of your favourite questions? You might be – like my customers – looking for natural alternatives to conventional medication, you want to be kind to your body and avoid any possible side-effects, and – most importantly – because prevention is better than cure.

And there are so many amazing supplements. A South-American herb that can dissolve kidney/gallbladder stones, a fruit that can help with good quality sleep, humble herbs that can support an array of ailments, e.g. menopausal symptoms, anxiety, (joint) pain or (head) aches.

Customers were also interested in alternative therapies like reflexology, Reiki or acupuncture – which are certainly all amazing and can achieve so much.

Did you know that 90% of people who go to see a physician for their symptoms are told that no cause can be found?*

Does this sound familiar to you? You go and see your GP, get all the tests and check-ups, only to be told that everything is fine.

Is there maybe more to life than science can explain?

Stress certainly plays a major role – and when I was working in busy jobs and my GP told me to take it easy, I was annoyed: I’m not stressed, I’m having fun!

Well, it’s impossible to go through life without experiencing some degree of stress, whether it is caused by work or family life, the daily news, environmental concern or the simple fact that we’ve just gone through a global pandemic – our resilience has certainly been put to the test.

Stress is associated with almost 90% of all illnesses** and I think it’s about time to learn simple, but effective stress management tools.

This could be breathing techniques (check out James Nestor!), mindfulness, meditation, laughing, exercises in the fresh air or … shaking it off!

Wait a minute, what’s that … shaking it off???

There’s a very good reason for it, so bear with me.

The more we are stressed, the more we tense up and are holding all this tension in our bodies.

This tension can lead to all kinds of aches and pains, e.g. back/neck/shoulder pain, teeth-grinding, sore joints, tension headaches, gastrointestinal conditions … and so on…

Tremors – and that’s where the shaking comes in – are a natural mechanism of the body to relax muscle tissue. And we – as all mammals – are genetically encoded to tremor in order to release stress.

That’s why it is so impressive to watch a dog after a stressful encounter and how they immediately shake in order to release that stress – and then get on with life.

We can do the same.

By practising TRE – Tension & Trauma Releasing Exercises, developed by Dr David Berceli.

TRE is a somatic self-help tool, designed to release deep muscular patterns of stress. The body can then return to a state of balance, i.e. a more relaxed nervous system – and this can have many amazing knock-on effects, e.g. deep relaxation, more resilience and positivity, better sleep, less pain etc.

By learning TRE you gain a tool for life. A self-help method to take your health and well-being pro-actively into your own hands, well bodies.


* Peter Levine, PhD (one of the somatic pioneers) in an interview with Dr Gabor Maté (trauma, addiction, stress and childhood development expert)

** Dr Madan Kataria, the founder of Laughter Yoga


Want to check it out yourself?

Please visit for more information, Sylvia Tillmann, a Certified TRE Provider offers regular classes online – so you can learn how to practise TRE safely in the comfort of your favourite place.

Love & Light,

Gen x


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