Unexpected changes to my healing focus

Sometime towards the end of last year, I started thinking that there was something more I wanted to be doing, with my healing practice. And the more I thought about it, the more I started realising that there was something I wanted to do that involved writing, and teaching.

Hi again from your friendly energy healer!

For much of my adult life, I have been a teacher – involved in adult Learning and Development, specialising in teaching and training people in Emotional Intelligence, but also teaching and training people who wanted to be trainers, or materials developers. I really loved it – it felt like such a true calling for me, as it made me feel very happy and fulfilled – until, of course, I bumped into energy healing and decided that perhaps this was my true calling, after all.

I completely fell in love with energy healing – I think because the changes it effected in me were so profound and life-changing. I had known for some time that I needed to deal with my ‘stuff,’ but never knew how, and energy healing dealt with so much of my past emotional baggage without me having to ‘do’ anything other than turn up for the sessions. There was no agonising over past mistakes, talking about past events, delving into past trauma and wounds – all the old emotional baggage that no longer served me was just lifted off me if you like, and I was lighter, happier, more successful, more abundant and incidentally free of niggling hip, knee, joint aches, and other physical inconveniences.

So obviously, this took time, but the initial results impressed me so much that I decided I wanted to do it too. It’s not a huge leap of focus to move from teaching, training, coaching people into healing people – it’s basically a continuation of a life of service, of wanting to help people to grow and develop, to be their best selves; so for me, it was almost the logical next step.

When I went full-time into my healing business in January 2020, I assumed I had left the world of teaching and training behind. Well, I was mistaken, because what was pushing for my attention towards the end of last year, was the thought that maybe it was time to get back into a teaching and training role, but this time – to teach energy healing.

I’ve just spent a joyous and busy three months (using ‘spare time’) designing and developing a six-week, online course aimed at people who want to use energy techniques to help many people all at once – not just one person at a time. I use the word ‘techniques’ very deliberately because I get the feeling that the material is going to help more than ‘just’ healers; this working with many, all at the same time.

And you know, I just had the best time doing it. I was filled with excitement, with purpose, with direction as I wrote six killer modules all about how to work with groups, the kinds of tools that might support you in group work, why sending energy to lots of people all around the world at the same time is so powerful and effective, how to set your price point and so much more.

I’ve been running group healing sessions – I call them Healing Circles – since 2018, and doing so has filled me with joy and satisfaction to be able to witness transformations with the people I work with, on a greater scale than in my one-to-one work. So I guess this online course is a logical continuation, not only of my experience to date of healing many at once, but also of my 20 years+ in the field of learning and development.

Don’t you love it when a plan comes together?

I’m really, really proud of myself, I’m proud of my achievement in completing this work, I’m super-chuffed because I’m sharing with lots of people, how they can help lots of people, and together we’ll all help make the world a better place; and we can potentially help thousands.

How does it get better than this?

Actually – from my perspective – it did get better, because just when I thought I had finished with the course, I started getting another little thought creeping in, which resulted in my writing a booklet called Cook up Something Special. It is a guide to all the practical things I have done that have led, I believe, to my current success. It’s a how-to guide, and it’s available only as part of the launch offer for Secrets to Successful Group Energy Healing.

The details will be released on 24 March, 2022 – my Secrets to Successful Group Energy Healing landing page goes live then, and you’ll find all the details of what I’m offering on my website. I’d love you to pop along and take a look, and if you know anyone who works one-to-one in some kind of energy work, I’d love for you to tell them about this!

And – I guess – I’m just ending off by saying, Isn’t it wonderful how life takes us in unexpected and unintended directions!? I feel like I’ve come back in a way, to where I began – and yet so much is different – lol.

You can email me direct at gen@genedwards.com – arrange a session or just ask for a discovery call so that we can chat. I’d love to meet you! Here’s the discovery call link:

Free 30-minute discovery call with Gen

Love & Light,
Gen xx

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