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Hi again from your friendly energy healer!

I’ve been thinking about how so many of my client’s feedback that they have unexpected, beneficial and welcome side-effects from Body Code healing. I find this fascinating, that so often when we’re working on ‘the main event’; other things, that I had no knowledge of, or expectations around, seem to clear up spontaneously.

I thought I’d spend some time then, today, looking at the feedback sent to me by one, particular, very lucid client who texted me, over three or four months, about exciting and unexpected changes to both her physical and mental states – above and beyond shifts in ‘her issue’.

The back story:

This client took a package of four sessions that I was offering in August, and this is what she said she wanted working on:

“I have really bad sound over-sensitivity. My right ear is more sensitive to sound than my left (the ear drum vibrates with sound and I get uncontrollable anger when this happens). I really need to get my anger under control as my children seem to be learning it from me! I hope you can help.”

To clarify – her ear drum really does vibrate to the point that she can feel it vibrating inside her ear canal. Sounds – loud sounds – cause her to feel stressed and angry. She often wears ear plugs to prevent herself from being triggered into an angry state.

The Healing Report:

Unexplained Benefits Feeback

Feedback #1

Unexplained Benefits Feeback

Feedback #2

Unexplained Benefits Feeback

Feedback #3

Unexplained Benefits Feeback

Feedback #4

Unexplained Benefits Feeback

What I think:

So – I’m going to talk, quickly, about her report – because I’m really interested on what has shifted that we didn’t work on, than what has shifted that we did work on.

You’ll see she had three limiting belief systems, in the form of a broadcast message, a trapped image that she held inside her head and a despair anchor – effectively, locking her in place. These were all powerful negative energies created and sustained by her Sub Conscious self, which was then endeavouring to ‘make these come true’. She had lots of Trapped Emotions (TEs), Heart Wall emotions (HWs) and Emotional Resonances (ERs) feeding these systems – negative emotions that were trapped in her organs and ‘resonating’ or vibrating as a bell does, after it’s been struck. She also had a Psychic Trauma (PT) – a bunch of Trapped Emotion energies, formed together in a composite mass and living in her system. We build these when we undergo some kind of traumatic event – bomb in the London Underground, say; or car crash.

Over the sessions that I’ve been working with her, she has more than once reported back that she can feel things happening in her right ear in particular – “both eardrum and outer ear feel hot, the ear is red” – as well as: “… seem to be able to have discussions / debates without getting annoyed / upset / angry. I seem to be crying more than getting angry … a less frustrating was of releasing my feelings.”  “Comfort eating to settle anger has reduced.”  “… feel very calm – surprising seeing as my mother-in-law is coming over this am and the house is a mess.”

Her anger, her ears buzzing, have definitely shifted, and now she often doesn’t wear her earplugs and her being triggered to angry outbursts by noise stress is much reduced.

What I am fascinated by, is her feedback on the other (unexpected) issues!

The music track that she used to listen to. Well – lol – this amused me, because being a mum when my sons were growing up I remember talking to other mums who were concerned about their children listening to ‘angry’ music. And, I do think it’s a legitimate concern, because ‘anger’ is a low vibrational frequency energy and if our kids are listening to that, I believe they’re probably absorbing that in some way, or acting it out. Now that my client is no longer ‘angry’, ‘anger’ no longer resonates with her, nor is it attractive. In fact, it is unattractive! How cool is that?!

The nail dent. Ask me What and How – I have no idea at all my dear Sherlock. I don’t have a clue. Have I seen this before? Yes, in the form of another client whose persistent ganglion melted away over four sessions when we weren’t working on it. Nor was she doing anything about it, nor had she hit it hard with the family Bible (which I believe is traditional advice – ? Sounds rather extreme!)

The bladder emptying – well this is old news. Still wonderful – but old news. I can’t tell you how many women have told me their incontinence issues have dried up altogether or minimised as we worked on releasing ‘something else’.

Most wonderful for me – the feedback I really love – is that she is building stronger energetic boundaries for herself. And this translates into greater self-love, greater self-worth and -esteem. It means that her confidence is building, and her need for co-dependant behaviours will decrease (and, I hope, leave her). Now that, filled my heart. When she told me that, I really felt so happy and excited for her. I love and am grateful too for her other feedback – don’t get me wrong. But this is about the growth of her Self, and that made me feel so satisfied.

So there we have it – more astonishing results from energy healing. What can I say? I’ve been doing this for a while and I’m still excited, every time, at what people tell me.

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