Using The Body Code healing to help animals cope better with fireworks fear – Bonfire Night, Diwali, New Year!

Using The Body Code healing to help animals cope better with fireworks fear – Bonfire Night, Diwali, New Year! Banner

Hi again from your friendly energy healer!

This week I’m pulling out a Face Book post that I posted to my Gen Edwards FB page in 2018, about my little dog who was terrified of fireworks. This is what I wrote back in 2018:

“It’s like a war zone out there!

Bang! Pop! Crackle! It’s Monday 5th November and Leeds has celebrated Guy Fawkes since Friday night.

My dog has grown closer and closer, night-by-night, to a nervous breakdown. The cumulative effect of relentless nights of fireworks have seen him with his tail between his legs; last night refusing to leave the house, quivering, shivering, sitting on my feet alternating with dashing upstairs to hide under the bed.

Not tonight. Not my doggy.

This afternoon I gave him an Emotion Code session, releasing trapped emotions such as Terror, Fear, and Out of Control. My dog is now severely chilled, to the point where he’s just not the dog he was last night.


The Back Story:

Because of that healing session, because both my husband and I were so astonished at how The Winkster responded, I wondered if I could help other animals. See – I love fireworks. I’m like a kid in a candy store when fireworks go off – until I think about a quivering animal, or until I see one, or until I hear another horror story of a dog that somehow got out the house and ran away, maddened, down the road and far away, trying to escape. And then my heart breaks. I hate it.

We now live in England, and England loves fireworks too. Bonfire Night is a national celebration. And it really is like a war zone here – we were astonished when first we re-located, at the fact that Anyone, and His Brother, can buy fireworks and blow them off in their back gardens. And early-on I thought of all the animals, I wondered how they felt about this lot and soon found out when Winks left his normal happy, cheeky, doggy-self behind and became a miserable heap of quivering fur.

So now I offer a free Healing Circle, for animals, every year in October. This particular year – 2021 – I’m running it on 24 October. The details are at the end of this blog and I’ll send them to anyone who wants them, wherever in the world they are. So far, I’ve helped animals in the UK – in towns to North, South and West of where we live, I’ve helped animals in Cape Town, in Johannesburg, in Centurion and in Minnesota, USA.

According to what I know so far, I get about a 90% hit rate – the feedback I get from pet owners indicates to me that I seriously support 9 out of 10 of the animals I work with. I keep spreadsheets, and records, and testimonials, to see how it’s helping (or not). And I’m getting stronger. Every year, as an energy healer, I am able to channel more and more healing energy because my capacity is growing. So hopefully, this year, I might get a 95% hit rate. Imagine if that were your animal?

Contact me – I’d love to help you. I really would. I love animals, and this is my way of giving back, it’s my return, for the blessings I’ve been given in this life. Please let me help – I would be so happy to help an animal move away from fear and misery induced by fireworks. What have you got to lose?

Some of the Feedback – from London, Sittingbourne, Sunbury upon Thames, Knaresborough, Centurion …

Fear of Fireworks
Animal Fireworks Fear Diwali
Bonfire Night Animal Healing

Free, remote, global Healing Circle session to help your animal cope better with fear of fireworks to be run on Sunday 24 October 2021

Please get all pet details to me by close of business (British Standard Time) on Friday 22 October. I will include anyone’s pet/s in a free, remote, distance, healing session that I’ll do on Sunday 24 October.  Offer limited to four pets per person; 100 animals in total.

What I need from you:

  1. The name, sex and type of your animal (dog, cat, horse etc)
  2. A photo of him/her – please note, I may use this for promo purposes next year and if I do, by your sending it, you give your permission for me to use it plus his/her name
  3. The name of the city you live in/close to so I can put that with your animal’s photo if I use it for promotions 2022
  4. A short explanation of the fireworks problem you’d like help with – like: ‘terrified of fireworks’, or ‘climbs in the cupboard, trembles’, or ‘refuses to eat’.
  5. Your email address, which I will use to send your report to after the healing and which I will add to my newsletter mailing list. Once or twice a month I will send you my newsletters – healing diaries case studies about my healing experiences – maybe even one that talks about helping someone with ‘your’ issues. Some of these newsletters are in my blog section of my website.

Please send everything to me at I will work completely remotely with your animal on 24 October 2021; afterwards I will email you a written report of what we worked with.

In love and light – be assured I will do the best I can for your animal. I have about a 90% success rate with this healing – I hope your animal is one of those.

Find out more about my Healing Circles, here.

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