Why a Healing Circle Transformative Community?

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Hi again from your friendly energy healer!

Today I’m talking about the upcoming launch – with limited launch offer – of my Healing Circle Transformative Community.

Why I’m re-launching my Healing Circle as a membership community:

I’m delighted to announce that I’ve relaunched my Healing Circle as a transformative membership community!

The reason I did this is that I can’t help noticing that people who ‘persevere’ in my Healing Circles get really wonderful, sustainable results. I think, if you heal with me, you’ve noticed (?) that when you work with me, you’re likely to have a stunning result, that after a while requires more attention. This is because ideally, you should keep on knocking it on the head every 7-15 days, (whatever your processing windows are) and really get rid of it. It’s also because – like everything in life – an eating plan, a coaching intervention, learning to ride a bike – healing right to the root takes repeated application. Rome wasn’t built in a day, so they say. But because regular one-to-one healing sessions can feel a bit extravagant to some people, they tend to leave weeks or even months between sessions and then the ‘issue’ not only presents more that it wants releasing, it may seem to have taken a back step, somehow. Like: you clean a room, and it’s free of dust bunnies and grubby bits. If you leave it for a month, the dirt creeps back until all of a sudden, you notice how dirty it is and that some of the work needs to be repeated. So – two or three steps forwards, one step back.

Well, I’ve noticed that with my Healing Circle work, if people invest the time over about 3 months, they really do knock the issue right down. Right, right down, because the momentum keeps on building, it keeps on keeping-on. And I think this is because it’s a drip feed of healing, every week. Drip drip, wears it down, the processing is less hectic and in your face, the changes are small, but they are ONGOING and they accumulate so that you notice BIG shifts. It’s a model that gives you four weekly sessions over as many months as you want; until your mental, physical or emotional pain is hugely improved. It’s a super-affordable, value for money, repeat model so you can carry on chipping away at whatever it is we’re working on until it’s in a place where you feel OK about it. Basically you are in a state of permanent healing – as soon as you’ve finished processing last week’s session, you get into this week’s session.

Healing Circle Transformative Community Launch

Your individual Spirit Guides are with you for every second of the 50-minutes I channel healing with you – make no mistake, this is a hugely impactful way of healing where you see real, sustainable results.

People do still pop in and out for the odd one-to-one session, if they feel like they want to ‘move quicker’, or if a different issue, other than the one we’re working on in the Circle pops up for them that they want to deal with. It’s a mix and match model, if you want it to be. Very often I find clients start off with a bang – a one-to-one healing; and follow-up with a set of Healing Circle sessions. Whatever works for you!

You can opt to ‘swop out a month’ (or two) with a friend or family member if you want (IF they give permission, or if you are their legal guardian – parent, etc). It’s a no-tie subscription membership and I do a regular weekly debrief of the healing in a bespoke, private FB group that you can be involved in, or not.

Booking links and testimonials about this powerful transformative model are found on my Healing Circle membership community website page. Please pop over and take a look!

Here are a selection of anonymised testimonials from clients in my Healing Circle, who have brought the severity of their emotional, mental or physical pain down, through regular, drip by drip, weekly healing.

Narrowed spinal canal - limited movement in neck:

Healing Circle transformative Community Review image

No brain fog for the first time in a long time:

Healing Circle transformative Community Review No brain fog

Clearer sinuses, easier breathing:

Healing Circle transformative Community Review Clear sinuses

Energy levels improved, lost lack of direction and of feeling ‘meh:’

Healing Circle transformative Community Review Energy levels, feeling meh

Releasing hip pain:

Healing Circle transformative Community Review Overall physical wellbeing

More hip pain - another Circle member:

Healing Circle transformative Community Review Releasing hip pain

I absolutely love the challenge of figuring out tough issues, that doctors find challenging!

I love taking those on to see how fast we can shift people out of pain and into peace! I love working in my Circle – I love the range of issues it turns out I can help people with.

So there we have it – more astonishing results from energy healing. What can I say?

Why don’t you try? What have you got to lose? Drop me an email: gen@genedwards.com – arrange a session or just ask for a discovery call so that we can chat.

Book a 30-minute discovery chat.

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