Why I believe psychic, intuitive energy healing works

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Recently, I’ve been doing more psychic intuitive healing on myself than I do ‘normally’, and I started to think about it, and to reflect on why this work, works.

Firstly – yes, I believe it does, absolutely work, because if I look at myself, and look back to who and where I was 10 years ago, the transformations I’ve experienced are quite startling. My physical, emotional and mental realities have changed considerably. But I’m not talking about that here – I talked about it in the blog titled The transformation underpinning my decision to embrace intuitive energy healing facilitation. In this blog, here, today, I want to explore why this psychic, intuitive healing work, actually works.

Think about this: I work with people, remotely – ie they are not in the room with me, I don’t lay my hands on them – and yet they feel different after a healing session. Some of them have side effects after a session like feeling tired, achey and run down. Some get nausea and headaches. Once these pass, or even while they’re passing, people feed back to me that they’re feeling happier, and that the issue we were working with, is feeling better. The issues vary from physical pain and discomfort to mental and emotional pain like depression. And many things in-between. How? Why is this possible?

When I run a session, I ask God for help. I have absolutely no doubt that the healing I send people, comes from God and that I am merely a channel. I think that with God, all things are possible; and that specifically, with intuitive energy healing (or, call it psychic healing), we are working on some kind of quantum level or plane where energy and vibrations are being altered. Read, ‘your’ energy and vibrations are being altered.

Here's what I believe

When we have a thought or an emotion, it has a vibration and it resonates at that vibrational frequency. Like a tuning fork. Did you know, that if you strike a tuning fork in the vicinity of other identical tuning forks, they will all start to vibrate? It’s called sympathetic resonance/vibration. The first tuning fork, when struck, causes others to resonate at the same pitch.

I work, in my one-to-ones, also in my weekly Healing Circle, specifically with David Hawkins’ Map of Consciousness, pulling the Level of Consciousness of my clients up, so that they are vibrating at a higher frequency, before we begin the actual healing session. I believe this puts my clients into a better position to receive the healing I am channelling for them; in addition to raising their vibrations so that they are in a happier, more joyful state.

David Hawkins Map of Consciousness

David Hawkins Map of Consciousness

There is more and more thinking, that our bodies hold on to old emotional baggage that we couldn’t deal with at the time we felt the negative feelings. So, my thoughts and emotions of say ‘shame’ that I never processed, acknowledged or worked through, are lodged in my tissues and organs. And they’re vibrating, at a particular low frequency, of ‘shame’, (a frequency of 20, according to David Hawkins’ model, above), thus contributing to my Being’s overall vibrational frequency, and pulling it down to a lower average than it would be if I wasn’t holding on to ‘shame.’ And it’s much easier for me to hold onto more ‘shame’ because I am vibrating already at that frequency and so it’s easier for me to feel it, and to attract it.

This is true for all the low vibrational emotions that I have trapped within my Being.

Psychic, intuitive energy healing releases low-vibrational frequencies from our Beings

Intuitive energy healing works because by releasing the low-vibrational feelings of ‘shame’ and ‘fear’ and ‘anger’, it allows more space in our Beings to vibrate at the higher frequencies of ‘love’ and ‘gratitude’ and ‘peace’. Also releasing the lower vibrational frequencies from our beings means that we are vibrating higher up the scale, and we outwardly manifest this by feeling happier, or having less pain and anxiety; more confidence and belief that things are going our way. As we let go of the old, low vibrational feelings, our Beings have more space and more aptitude to attract thoughts and emotions manifesting as behaviours, that are vibrating at higher frequencies.

In addition, I’ve noticed that my clients often almost ‘forget’ how they felt when we started working on something. Something like: a root cause for anxiety or depression, say. And, once we’ve released the trapped emotions and other energies that are associated with the event that traumatised or upset someone, very often that person is quite relaxed and chilled when they remember the event – the memory no longer triggers the previous feelings of anxiety and stress.

Psychic, intuitive energy healing allows our brains to create new pathways where the memory is not as vivid

With reference to the paragraph above, I believe that brain plasticity is involved with intuitive healing, that when a psychic, intuitive healer is able to release the foundational vibrational frequencies that were originally laid down when the trauma occurred, we re-route messages that travel along the synapses in the client’s brain.  So – we don’t prune these synapses, we just close them down for that particular event.  Other messages, memories and feelings can still travel along the synapse – just not the awful one.  The ‘road’ to the memory becomes weaker for that particular commute. The way I see this reflecting in the feedback given to me by clients is something like this, from KS, a client in South Africa who I worked with several years ago:

I harboured an enormous amount of resentment towards a woman who ripped me off in business and I would be upset for days when I thought about her. Gen cleared a lot of trapped emotions and I was very surprised the next week, when I bumped into a contractor who mentioned her – I had no response and was able to talk about her very neutrally and shrugged it off without any nasty aftertaste!”

This is not just me and KS, saying this. I’ve worked now with hundreds of people, and I have hundreds of testimonials, and many of them say the same kinds of things to me, as I’m saying here, to you. I believe that intuitive energy healing works on a principle of holism, because by releasing the low vibrational energies contributing to the particular state of mind or of Being that the client has come to me for help with, we work on the person as a whole, complete Being. The low vibrational negative energies are not ‘only’ contributing to ‘back pain’ but to so much more of that person’s experience and reality!

In summary – my belief is that this is why, this healing works, and is able to facilitate life-changing transformations:

  • Psychic, intuitive energy healing releases low-vibrational frequencies from our Beings
  • Psychic, intuitive energy healing allows our brains to create new pathways where the memory is not as vivid
  • Psychic, intuitive energy healing works on the principles of holism, and addresses physical, emotional and mental needs of the client to lead to an overall happier state.
Psychic healing 1
Psychic healing 2

If you are in a place where you are sick and tired of pain, or depression, or are in some kind of overwhelm, I’d feel so honoured to work with you and to help you holistically. I work with a deep love and appreciation for all my clients, and am very grateful that I have been blessed with a gift that allows me to help others. I would love to help you, too. Please reach out.

You can book a free discovery call here, you can reach out via my website, or you can email me on gen@genedwards.com

Wishing you all good things!

Gen xx

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